Asset Health Monitoring: "The Data Knows Nothing!"

Without the right guiderails establishing data context in place, machine learning can't understand asset behavior.


Comprehensive on-demand digital training to solve your complex process engineering and operational problems.

Classroom Learning

Hands on Instructor-led classes that are interactive, guided, and personalized to help you use Aspen products to solve industry relevant problems.


Comprehensive Knowledge solutions designed by experts to help companies overcome knowledge gaps and accelerate their ability to solve the most complex engineering and operational challenges.

Whats New in V10

Extending Optimization's Reach Across Design, Operations and Maintenance

Whats new

Boost profitability by closing the gap between planning and actual operations


Use the Best Data to Make the Right Decisions

The partnership between AspenTech and Hexagon PPM means companies can break down the barriers between process design and detailed design.

Case Study

Saudi Aramco Increases Capacity by 100,000 barrels/day and Upgrades Bottom of the Barrel Products

Learn how Saudi Aramco converted low-value fuel oil produced in a semi-conversion refinery into high-value products.

Micro Case Study

Hyundai Oilbank Uncovers $36M USD/Year Using Aspen HYSYS®

Learn how Hyundai Oilbank optimized FCC operations using Aspen HYSYS, significantly improving the units planning accuracy.

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