Case Study

Multivariate Statistical Analysis Finds the Bad Actors in Light Component Losses

This petrochemical company launched an Aspen ProMV™ pilot project to investigate light component losses that go to the bottom of a fractionation column and pressurize the downstream column. Using Aspen ProMV for continuous processes, a model was developed, and bad actors that are highly correlated to the light product loss were identified. Aspen ProMV’s optimization tool was also utilized to provide better operating conditions to reduce losses.



Interactive Infographic

Beyond the Hype of Digitalization: The Results are Real

See the 3 keys to getting the most value out of your digital technology investment—and some real world examples.

Case Study

Westlake Chemical Improves Reaction Time from Hours to Minutes

Learn how Westlake assesses time sensitive supply chain opportunities, such as accepting a modified customer order, in a matter of minutes using Aspen Plant Scheduler rather than four hours using previous spreadsheet methods.

White Paper

Accelerate New Product Development in Chemicals

Understanding how different variations to raw materials, recipes and operating conditions influence product outcomes can present a fast track to new product development for chemical companies. Download this whitepaper to learn how Aspen ProMV can reduce R&D time in the following ways:


Getting Ready for IMO 2020: Why Refineries Still Have Work to Do

The new low-sulfur regulations for marine fuel should be forcing operators to find ways to improve efficiency, but they are not moving fast enough.


HP Article: When Digital Transformation Hits all Four Sustainability Buckets

Sustainability is emerging as a critical business topic, as companies focus resources toward lowering emissions, waste and energy use in their production process. In this article, Paige Morse, Chemicals Industry Marketing Director, shares how sustainability affects four key areas within a processing plant and how digital transformation supports sustainability efforts through efficiency improvements.

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ウェビナー(日本語)- Aspen Plusの新機能バッチ濾過モデルの紹介

Aspen Plusのバッチろ過モデルについて紹介します。BatchOpモデルは反応、晶析、濾過のバッチモデルであり、晶析から濾過の一貫としたプロセスの検討を行うことができます。

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ウェビナー(日本語)- Aspen Plusの新機能バッチ乾燥モデルの紹介

Aspen Plusのバッチ乾燥機モデルについて紹介します。バッチ乾燥シミュレーションを行うことで、運転操作の最適化を行うことができます。

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ウェビナー(日本語)- Aspen Custom Modelerの活用事例紹介

Aspen Custom Modelerは、特殊な反応器、膜やフィルムのプロセス、バイオプロセスなど、Aspen PlusやHYSYSの標準モデルで表すのが困難な場合に利用されています。このセッションでは、Aspen Custom Modelerの概要と活用事例について紹介いたします。

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