ARC Strategies Report: Rethinking Asset Performance Management

A recent ARC Advisory Group survey of 365 industry practitioners revealed that two-thirds of respondents believe reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) isn’t improving reliability, and that operations has as much impact on plant asset performance as the maintenance organization. Download this report today for an in-depth analysis of the survey results, and recommendations for optimizing the performance of your assets.


What Does Leadership Look Like in the Digital Era?

In addition to making digital transformation a corporate goal, leaders need to show that they are willing to take calculated risks and invest for success.


Getting Ready to ‘Tune In’ at Emerson Exchange

Connect with us at the 2019 Emerson Exchange user conference to talk supply chain, advanced process control and digitalization.

Live Events

Accelerate your Digitalization Journey, Power the Smart Enterprise of the Future

Please join us for our upcoming Executive Forum in Bahrain to learn how you can put the pieces in place to create the “smart enterprise” — and achieve operational excellence that is sustainable even in volatile market conditions. Discover how leading companies are unlocking new levels of performance by combining industrial technology with digital solutions and today’s Industry 4.0 capabilities.

Live Webinar

APAC Webinar Learn How You Can Better Monitor Fouling Levels of Your Heat Exchangers

Fouling of heat exchangers causes excessive energy consumption, large pressure loss and sometimes process outages. Inability to directly measure fouling levels for operating units compounds the problem. Learn how the advanced solutions from Aspen Technology enable tracking of heat exchanger fouling levels both online and offline.

Live Webinar

APAC Webinar - Optimize the Integrated Crude Distillation and Preheat Train Unit with Aspen HYSYS®

Optimizing the operations of the integrated unit, comprised of the crude distillation column and the crude preheat train, has been a challenge for most refineries, given the difficulty in analyzing the unit as a whole. However, with the ‘equation-oriented’ solver technology in Aspen HYSYS, refineries can build a robust integrated model of their crude distillation column and pre-heat train network. Join us to learn how to employ these advanced capabilities and improve your CDU operations today!


Processing Magazine: Why Time's Up on Preventive Maintenance

In this article, Robert Golightly explains the limitations of traditional maintenance practices and how new advancements in predictive maintenance are pushing assets and equipment to the limits of performance. Learn how today's industry leaders are using low-touch machine learning to extract value from design and operations data to predict when and where failures will occur.


Moonshot: Closing the Planning and Execution Gap Through Superior Alignment

The new Supply Chain Management capabilities we unveiled in our V11 software represent our moonshot: a vision for unlocking completely new levels of value creation.

Case Study

Production Optimization of Natural Gas Pipelines & Field Production Facilities Using Performance Engineering

Learn how YPFB Andina was able to increase their gas production using an integrated model solution that was able to provide a $280M increase in revenue in 1 year.

Press Release

China HuanQiu Contracting and Engineering Corporation (HQC) Implements Aspen Technology Software to Maximize Safety, Throughput and Profitability

China HuanQiu Contracting and Engineering Corporation Implements Aspen Technology Software

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