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ウェビナー(日本語)- Aspen Plusによる固体バッチプロセスモデルの最適化

このセッションは全4回(固体基礎、晶析、ろ過、乾燥)からなるバッチ固体プロセス全体最適化の第1回目のセッションです。このセッションではAspen Plusで固体を取り扱うための基本的な設定や、固体特有の物性である粒径分布や含水率の設定方法について紹介します。 Aspen Plusの固体モデルにより、プロセス最適化の範囲を従来の気液連続プロセスから固体バッチプロセスまで拡大することができ、固体プロセスを含むプロセス全体の最適化が可能となります。


The Northern Miner - AspenTech Reduces Downtime for Mining Equipment

In today’s market, thriving in the mining industry means exploring new strategies for growth in the digital transformation era. Mining executives are seeking leading experts to help mitigate risk and lower cost. The Northern Miner recently sat down with AspenTech to discuss best practices of how a true machine learning solution has the power to transform mining.


Creating the Smart Enterprise in an Evolving World

Find out how a new generation of technologies is creating opportunities within the process industries that were previously impossible.


The State of Artificial Intelligence in the Process Industries in 2019

AI remained a hot topic at OPTIMIZE 2019. Watch Lina Liberti discuss how process-heavy businesses are taking advantage of the technology.

Live Webinar

APAC Webinar (English) - Learn Best Practices to Better Simulate your Refinery Operations

Complex processes present a challenge for refinery operations. The operational risks involved call for accurate analysis of plant behavior before making any changes to operations. Process simulation technology specialized in refining such as Aspen HYSYS® Petroleum Refining enables engineers to accurately simulate refinery operations to aid better decisions. Learn how you can leverage the latest technological innovations to make better operational decisions.

Interactive Infographic

Refining and Downstream Value Chain

Learn how AspenTech refining solutions improve profit margins and operations across the downstream industry value chain. This infographic provides an overview of the benefits many companies have realized.


Troubleshooting Acid Gas Column Convergence – Part 1

Learn how to use Aspen HYSYS to troubleshoot acid gas columns, especially initialization failures.

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On-Demand Webinar: What’s New in aspenONE® V11 APC

With the introduction of centralized performance monitoring in aspenONE APC V11, organizations can improve operating margins across the enterprise by providing greater visibility into APC benefits and performance. New non-linear capabilities in Aspen DMC3™ enable you to extend controller features and functionality to non-linear processes.

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