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AspenONE MES Software Converts Data into Value for Operational Excellence

LOTTE Advanced Materials was looking for a tool that would convert data into value to drive operational excellence. In this ARC Advisory Group article, read how LOTTE chose AspenTech’s aspenONE Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) software to transform digitally, and build a robust data analytics platform. Now, LOTTE is able to lock in a visionary software implementation roadmap to optimize business processes and operations.

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Maximizing Profits in the Current Olefins Market

This webinar will discuss key business challenges and solutions in the context of market challenges, especially for the olefins manufacturing sector. With new world-scale crackers coming online, all cracker operators need to establish optimal operating envelopes, to position new and existing operations in a new competitive environment.


Improve Asset Reliability with Aspen Mtell

Over the past 40 years, maintenance best practices have greatly improved, but equipment continues to break down. So how can asset reliability be improved? With Aspen Mtell prescriptive maintenance software, you can predict breakdowns weeks in advance and take action to protect your machines, business investments, the environment, and most importantly, people.


Digital tools to address the unique needs of polymer producers, enabling them to reduce operating costs, optimize production, and get new polymers to market faster.

Case Study

Optimizing Smelting and Refining Equipment Reliability with Prescriptive Analytics

In this case study, you’ll learn about how one of the world’s largest fully integrated zinc and lead smelting and refining complexes sought to improve their metallurgical operations. Download this case study today to learn how your organization can use Aspen Mtell to benefit from cost avoidance, as well as improve safety and environmental performance.

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Packaging Business, SCG Selects AspenTech Software to Achieve Operational Excellence via Advanced Machine Learning

Packaging Business SCG Selects AspenTech Software to Achieve Operational Excellence


Remaining Useful Life: There’s More to It Than You Think

Remaining useful life (RUL) is a key metric for predictive maintenance applications. However, the concept is flawed.


Applications for IIoT: What You Should Really Consider

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is not just a technology or framework story. It's about picking the right problem to solve, then picking the correct application to solve it.

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Maximizing Profit with Multi-Period Refinery Blending

Today’s refineries are faced with various challenges when it comes to blending, while striving to maximize margins and meet market and regulatory requirements such as IMO 2020. During this presentation, you will learn how multi-period, non-linear blending helps refiners reduce quality giveaway and increase profitability.

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