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Aspen Technology Software to help Improve Operations and Supply Chain Alignment for Shell Catalysts & Technologies

May 25, 2021

BEDFORD, Mass. – May 25, 2021 – Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:AZPN), a global leader in asset optimization software, today announced that Shell Catalysts & Technologies, a provider of leading catalysts, technical services and licensed process technologies to refiners, gas treating facilities and chemical plants around the world, is implementing Aspen Schedule Explorer software in multiple plants throughout North America and Europe. The supply chain management solution will improve coordination, communication and visibility for operations and supply chain personnel, which will allow teams to adapt to changing conditions as needed. The comprehensive deployment follows the completion of a successful pilot program at Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ facility in Ghent, Belgium.


“It’s critical that the operations personnel throughout our plants and our central supply chain planning team have visibility of the latest published production schedules and are able to provide updates, ask questions and make notes on various parts of the production process to enable operational excellence. Aspen Schedule Explorer has been a highly effective and intuitive solution for providing our schedulers, operators, maintenance crew and central supply chain planning team with real-time visibility into production,” said Luis F. Filobelo PhD, Process Research at Shell Catalysts & Technologies. “We’re excited to roll out Aspen Schedule Explorer to other plants around the world.”


Aspen Schedule Explorer provides operations and supply chain personnel with a live, web-based view into the latest published production schedules from Aspen Plant Scheduler, delivered through Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ private cloud. The solution combines advanced communication, visibility, and a schedule data historian to help improve productivity and supply chain and operations execution. Aspen Schedule Explorer’s common, collaborative hub strengthens cross-functional alignment between stakeholders, while an intuitive interface provides users with the visibility required in today’s complex and dynamic manufacturing environments.


“Sales and Operations Execution (S&OE) is the crucial process that enables manufacturers to quickly respond to the inevitable day-to-day opportunities and disruptions that occur in their supply chain and manufacturing sites. Clear communications, collaboration and real-time visibility enables supply chain and manufacturing operations teams to be agile and remain aligned throughout the day,” said David Arbeitel, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Aspen Technology. “This capability is especially important in today’s manufacturing environment, where workers are often remote but still need to react and adapt quickly to changing conditions.”


He added, “Aspen Schedule Explorer provides Shell Catalysts & Technologies with a single source of information and visibility that can scale as needed based on changing and often uncertain conditions. We’re thrilled to be helping Shell Catalysts & Technologies implement Aspen Schedule Explorer at all of its global manufacturing facilities.”


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