AspenTech Software Demonstrates Economically Viable Carbon Capture at World’s Largest CO2 Test Facility

February 11, 2013

Norway’s Technology Centre Mongstad Uses aspenONE® Software to Reduce Plant Energy Costs and Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Burlington, MA -

Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN), a leading provider of software and services to the process industries, announced that Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) is using aspenONE® software at the world’s largest industrial-scale facility for testing and improving CO2 capture technologies.

TCM uses Aspen Plus® software and Aspen InfoPlus.21® software for planning, follow-up and verification of test programs and results. TCM’s use of the Aspen Plus and Aspen IP.21 product families shows that process manufacturers can reduce carbon emissions more economically, resulting in lower plant operating costs and reduced environmental impact.

TCM is owned by the Norwegian Government and leading global energy companies. TCM’s goals are to: 1) test, verify and demonstrate CO2 capture technology owned and marketed by vendors, 2) reduce costs, technical, environmental and financial risks, 3) encourage the development of the market for CO2 capture technology, and 4) aim at international deployment.

aspenONE software enables process industry companies to optimize their engineering, manufacturing and supply chain operations. As a result, the world’s leading manufacturers are better able to increase capacity, improve margins, reduce costs and become more energy efficient.

AspenTech will host a free webinar on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 focused on modeling carbon capture systems for better design and commercial viability.

Supporting Quotes
Paul Taylor, Senior Vice President Sales Europe, Russia and Africa, AspenTech
“The ground-breaking work conducted at the TCM test facility will help the process industries produce commercially viable carbon capture methods on a broad scale. It has demonstrated how process engineers can effectively model carbon capture systems and predict and reduce emissions using aspenONE optimization software. This results in tremendous benefits for process manufacturers and the environment.”

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