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Picking the Right Partner is Key to Unlocking the Value of Industrial AI

Just make sure you see one with domain expertise...

March 15, 2021

According to a recent study, 84% of C-suite executives believe they must leverage AI to achieve their growth objectives. What’s more, 76% of industrial organizations’ executives acknowledge they struggle to scale their AI strategy across the enterprise.  With a growing need for capital-intensive industries to quickly implement and take advantage of AI, new approaches are needed. However, all AI is not created equal. Having the right AI, developed and implemented for your unique challenges makes all the difference for the success of your implementation.

Lacking a complete solution, some vendors are attempting to cobble together AI, software, and domain knowledge from three or more disparate providers to meet the market needs. Those efforts are falling short for customers, yielding lengthy projects that take an army of data scientists to implement and provide little added value than piping together generic AI processes. Success requires a different approach. This begs the question: Why “see three” when you can “see one?”


Not Just AI. Industrial AI That Already Knows Your Business. 

AspenTech embeds AI so you don’t have to. AspenTech’s approach combines domain expertise with AI to address real-world industrial challenges around efficiency, sustainability and safety, focusing on business outcomes. We offer a range of solutions, from ready-to-use industrial AI apps to build-it-yourself applications. By embedding Hybrid AI into the applications our customers already use, we enable collaboration to bridge domain expertise with data scientists for custom applications.



What to look for to increase the chance of Industrial AI success and reduce the time to value 


  • Tailored AI for the process industry that combines AI, first principles and domain expertise
  • A full-stack, integrated approach from one vendor with solutions across the entire asset lifecycle
  • An offering that enables collaboration between plant operations and data scientists
  • Proven out-of-the-box trusted applications and an open architecture to build custom AI apps
  • An approach that delivers value for OT while meeting the needs of IT: scalability, cloud, security


AI is a transformational technology. This has indeed accelerated the enablement of AI-based use cases across capital-intensive industries. As the leader in process-industry solutions, Aspen Technology offers a comprehensive approach to help our customers unlock value from their industrial data using AI. We have some great papers that are linked below. I encourage you to explore these and join us at our OPTIMIZE™ 2021 conference on May 18, 2021 where our theme is “The Future Starts with Industrial AI,” and you’ll hear our customers talk about their AI experiences.


To learn more:

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