Implement Smart Manufacturing With Centralized Performance Monitoring

Do You Know Your Plant? Implement Smart Manufacturing With Centralized Performance Monitoring

October 10, 2018

Imagine having your most important performance metrics for your entire manufacturing plant visualized in real time. Or having all of your key metrics across your entire enterprise from multiple systems and data feeds captured in one convenient central location.  In short, that’s what Centralized Performance Monitoring does for you.

Typically, companies want to track distinct categories of metrics at the plant level via performance categories such as energy consumption, production, yield and quality. In addition, a broader set of stakeholders across the enterprise are interested in plant data for purposes of performance benchmarking and best practice sharing. If you want to achieve best-in-class manufacturing, you have to have real-time visibility into plant performance to improve responsiveness and agility.  


So how can centralized performance monitoring help improve your company’s manufacturing efficiency?

AspenTech’s centralized performance monitoring solution, as an example, provides visualization via dashboards and graphics of metrics from various aspects of the production process that enable users to track plant performance, rapidly analyze abnormal conditions or anomalies and compare different plant units. This is just one of the latest innovations that enables our customers to improve their competitiveness and profitability by increasing throughput and productivity, reduce operating costs and unplanned downtime. 

Research conducted by ARC Advisory Group revealed that MES users expected benefits of 10 percent to over 30 percent when optimizing plant production. How effectively manufacturing assets are utilized has a significant bearing on manufacturing and business performance. High asset effectiveness can enhance both customer satisfaction and profitability! 

We recently surveyed MES users and found that more than 50 percent of viewed improving poor performance as the area of greatest value for centralized performance monitoring of enterprise KPIs. An additional 38 percent saw value in comparing asset performance across multiple sites.

During a recent webinar hosted by AspenTech experts, “Unlock the Power of your Enterprise: Accessing Value with Centralized Performance Monitoring,” we explored how some manufacturing organizations are achieving more than the industry-standard 10 percent improved performance by utilizing manufacturing execution systems (MES) such as centralized performance monitoring to not only reduce cost but also increase real-time productivity. 

The benefits of centralized performance monitoring include:


  • Driving performance excellence with visualization, dynamic monitoring, data discovery and data entry in a single environment that easily integrates with third-party applications

  • Expanding visibility across the enterprise through company initiatives, thereby creating a culture of excellent performance

  • Decreasing costs through early detection of abnormal conditions

Check out the on-demand webinar to learn how your organization can use AspenTech’s centralized performance monitoring solution to rapidly identify the most valuable opportunities for performance improvements! 


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