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AspenTech is a 3x Winner of the 2021 Hydrocarbon Processing Awards

AspenTech Recognized by the Downstream Industry for Innovations that Accelerate Customers’ Digitalization and Sustainability Initiatives

November 12, 2021

On behalf of the AspenTech team, I am thrilled to share that AspenTech has been honored as the winner of three Hydrocarbon Processing Awards, the downstream energy industry’s leading awards program. AspenTech products were named as the leader in three of the six categories in which we were selected as a finalist. Winning products included Aspen GDOT™ in the Best Automation Technology Category, Aspen Unified PIMS™ in the Best Process/Plant Optimization Technology Category and Aspen Hybrid Models™ in the Best Modeling Technology Category. 

Congratulations are also in order for customer Bharat Petroleum – the winner of the Best Digital Twin Technology category. Bharat Petroleum was recognized for its real-time digital twin based on the use of AspenTech’s Digital Twin and Advanced Process Control (APC) products. 

In its 5th year, the Hydrocarbon Processing Awards celebrate innovation in the downstream sector. It’s the industry’s most prestigious award that recognizes products and individuals advancing the hydrocarbon processing industry. 

This year, the sustainability and profitability benefits our customers experience, in addition to new innovation and Industrial AI embedded in our solutions in the last 12 months, helped us capture the attention of the esteemed Hydrocarbon Processing judges and advisory board. Over the last 40 years, our solutions have played an important role in accelerating digitalization initiatives for the process industry, and it’s an honor to be recognized during an important time when our customers are seeking solutions to help them balance the dual challenge of sustainability and profitability goals.


Aspen GDOT: Best Automation Technology Category 

With recent innovation that enables refineries to boost production agility and responsiveness, Aspen GDOT addresses the long-standing challenge of margin leakage in refineries and olefin plants. The solution's dynamic optimization technology helps accelerate sustainability goals and achieve new levels of operational excellence by aligning planning and actual operations in closed loop.  It unlocks new levels of production and energy efficiency, even during periods of volatility like the COVID-19 pandemic.   

With GDOT, major North American Refiners have been able to adapt to any economic situation and create significant value for their refinery. In another example, European refiner Cepsa optimized their hydrogen network to reduce hydrogen losses & CO2 emissions.


Aspen Hybrid Models: Best Modeling Technology Category 

Aspen Hybrid Models embed Industrial AI in the leading process simulators Aspen Plus® and Aspen HYSYS®, by combining process data, AI and first principles to deliver a comprehensive, accurate model that matches plant performance. Hybrid models bring the application of AI to the process industry to increase safety, sustainability and profitability across design, operations, and maintenance.

With Aspen Hybrid Models, a Middle Eastern downstream company has seen gains of 11.3 cents/barrel from improved planning model accuracy, and a European refining company estimates $1M per year in energy savings.  


Aspen Unified PIMS: Best Process/Plant Optimization Technology Category  

Aspen Unified PIMS, the industry’s best production planning optimization solution, enables companies to increase margins and save time by integrating planning and scheduling with advanced process control via dynamic optimization.  The solution is recognized in industry to help monitor and predict CO2 emissions while balancing overall operational efficiencies. A U.S. based olefins company increased margins by more than one percent because of the proprietary solver in Aspen Unified PIMS. In another example, a South Korean integrated refining and chemical company experienced faster solutions, better speed and easier training with Unified PIMS.

Thank you to the Hydrocarbon Processing awards and advisory board for this prestigious recognition. The credit goes to our customers and the industry for constantly pushing us to get better, and to our AspenTech team for their innovation, commitment and hard work.


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