aspenONE V14 — Innovation to Address the Dual Challenge

Accelerating Sustainability Initiatives & Driving Operational Excellence

November 15, 2022

Workforce Skill Gaps – Increasing Energy Costs – Net Zero Targets – Energy Security – New Energy Sources – Investor Pressures – Supply Chain Challenges – New Regulations …the list of customer challenges goes on and on. And, companies can’t just focus on one at a time, they have to solve for all of them at the same time.

It’s in this context that I’m proud to announce the release of aspenONE® V14. This exciting and extensive launch aims squarely at helping our customers achieve new levels of operational efficiencies while at the same time accelerating progress toward their Net Zero goals. 

Our customers sit at the forefront of addressing the Dual Challenge – meeting the increasing demand from a growing population but in a sustainable way. The innovations in V14 are designed specifically for this purpose.

Accelerating Progress Toward Net Zero Goals
Among the many V14 advancements in support of sustainability initiatives are:

  • More than 100 sustainability sample models that are now available in the areas of emissions management, hydrogen economy, carbon capture, materials circularity, bio-based feedstocks and renewable energy. Customers can jumpstart their goals by adapting these sample models to the applications they’re building.
  • Easily assess Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions estimates and make decisions to improve carbon footprint with Aspen Plus and HYSYS.
  • Automate COemissions data collection from multiple sources for compliance and reporting with the new Aspen Unified Reconciliation and Accounting (AURA) solution.
  • Accelerate technical and economic feasibility of pyrolysis processes in support of Plastics Circularity with Aspen Plus enhancements.

Achieve New Levels of Operational Excellence
A key value delivered by the new offerings in the V14 release is enhanced operational decision-making. With AURA and the new Aspen Virtual Advisor (AVA) for DMC3, plus new capabilities and multiple enhanced integrations between existing solutions, customers will:

  • Increase margins
  • Minimize lost production
  • Improve performance
  • Make informed decisions
  • Maximize ROI of their software investment

The V14 release is full of innovations, new products and enhancements to help customers address the Dual Challenge. Over the next several weeks, we’ll publish a series of blog posts that take a closer look at what V14 has to offer. In the meantime, the full scope of aspenONE V14 innovations can be viewed here.

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