Model Crude Oil Characteristics in Refining Processes with Ease.

Aspen HYSYS® Crude characterizes the hydrocarbon fluid by determining the hypothetical components that make up the oil and predicts their thermophysical and transport petroleum properties. The generated crude assay information and components can be used in the Aspen HYSYS process simulation model.
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Model and optimize any hydrocarbon process.

Aspen HYSYS is an easy-to-use process simulation environment that enables optimization of conceptual design and operations. Aspen HYSYS has a broad array of features and functionalities that address the process engineering challenges of the energy industry.

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Improve crude distillation unit modeling.

Aspen HYSYS Crude-based models can be converted to Aspen HYSYS Petroleum Refining. The auto converted model can now access the full power of Petroleum Refining capabilities to quickly evaluate and optimize crude feedstock taking into account key properties such as sulfur and cloud point.

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