Instantly See the Economic Impact of Process Design Decisions.

Access powerful cost estimation software from within Aspen Plus® and Aspen HYSYS® with Activated Economics.
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Experience the latest version of Activated Economics in V8.8

Released in Version 8.0 of Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS process simulators, Activated Economics allows process engineers to optimize capital and operating expenses with less effort. Now in V8.8, Activated Economics is faster, more robust, and more user friendly.

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Evaluate economics during process design.

Now analyze the economics of process schemas during the early stages of process design.  Using this powerful, yet easy to use feature, process engineers can utilize AspenTech’s cost estimation software in the process simulation software, allowing them to consider capital cost (CAPEX) estimates and operating cost (OPEX) estimates in their design decisions.

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Compare process designs based on economic feasibility—side by side.

With Activated Economics, process engineers can generate capital cost (CAPEX) estimates and operating cost (OPEX) estimates used to compare the relative costs of one design versus another. Added Excel functionality means estimates can be imported into spreadsheets allowing for an easy side-by-side comparison of detailed equipment costs and operating costs on a line item basis.

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Leverage the same costing engine used by cost estimators.

The AspenTech Economic Evaluation family of cost estimation software is all powered by the same costing engine, so estimates are consistent throughout the project lifecycle regardless of whether the estimate is generated from Activated Economics, Aspen Process Economic Analyzer, Aspen In Plant Cost Estimator, or Aspen Capital Cost Estimator.

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Standardize economic basis used across the enterprise.

AspenTech’s cost estimation software allows users to generate cost templates to ensure one consistent economic basis is used across the enterprise regardless of job title. With Activated Economics, you can import a cost template into Aspen Plus or Aspen HYSYS to ensure labor rates, productivity levels, currency exchange rates, and more are consistent and accurate—ensuring greater accuracy in estimates and a consistent basis for comparing one process schema to another.

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