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Optimize Your Crude Distillation Units Operation With the Latest Innovations From Aspen HYSYS

Crude Distillation Units (CDU) are one of the most critical units impacting a refinery’s profit margin. Refiners have found it challenging to optimize their CDU operations as the complexity of the unit has kept them from simulating the entire unit in one piece. However, with new ‘equation-oriented’ technology in Aspen HYSYS, refineries can build a robust integrated model of their crude distillation column and pre-heat train network. View this webinar and learn how you can improve your CDU operations today!


Integrated CDU & Preheat Train Optimization

A refinery’s success is dependent on how well it optimizes the operation of its Crude Distillation Unit or CDU. AspenTech offers a single integrated solution that helps refiners optimize the entire CDU by providing deep insight into the hydraulic operations of their distillation columns, the fouling levels of heat exchangers and the operational impact from processing new crude. Watch now to learn more.


Optimizing Global Collaboration in Engineering and Design

Here’s how the right technology can help manage the vast amount of complex data involved any large capital project.

Aspen Basic Engineering

AspenTech can improve agility, time-to-delivery and productivity by streamlining basic engineering with one central location FEED Project Management tool.

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Stick Build or Modular Construction - Which is Better?

Estimators can compare both construction methods, analyze cost and schedule tradeoffs and support an early optimal execution decision. Start your 1-day online trial today to take a guided tour of creating a modular area, defining construction and engineering workforces, configuring the project scope and running an economic evaluation comparison with Aspen Capital Cost Estimator.

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Relocate and Resize your Project using Aspen Capital Cost Estimator's Decision Analyzer

Scope changes in early feasibility studies cause cost estimators to struggle updating the estimate. Aspentech's Decision Analyzer functionality in Aspen Capital Cost Estimator simplifies this workflow with just a few clicks. Start your 1-day online trial today and take a guided tour to evaluate the economic impact of rescaling plant capacity and modifying the engineering or construction location.

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Analyze the Impact of Cost and Technical Changes on Your Estimate

Changes are a part of the life of an estimator. Aspen Capital Cost Estimator helps you make those changes quickly, so you can analyze and address the updated costs and man-hours. Start your 1-day online trial today to take a guided tour to add spare equipment, include a quoted cost and change the material of construction for the equipment.

Aspen Capital Cost Estimator Online Trials

Accelerate project execution by using volumetric models and one common costing method from conceptual to detailed engineering, leveraging the speed and agility of the market-leading cost estimation solution.

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Improving Project Productivity on a Global Scale

This Chemical Industry Digest article describes how to lower costs through improved productivity during Basic Engineering and FEED.

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Achieve a Competitive Advantage with Repeatable and Modular Engineering

Repeatable designs are used increasingly in the process industry to minimize capital costs and reduce project risk and uncertainty. Using the highly integrated aspenONE® Engineering suite, engineering teams can easily capture best practice designs, and rapidly reuse them on new projects.

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