Aspen AIoT Hub™

Provides the integrated data management, edge and cloud
infrastructure, and a production-grade AI environment to build,
deploy and host Industrial AI applications at enterprise speed and scale.

Unlock the Business Value from Industrial Data

Introducing Industrial AI + Industrial IoT

Leverage your industrial data for competitive advantage:

  • Collect large volumes of data for reporting and analysis
  • Integrate data across plants and technologies
  • Visualize data to identify trends, outliers and patterns
  • Customize data science applications with an AI workbench


2021 Artificial Intelligence Award


The Aspen AIoT Hub™ has earned a 2021 AI Award from the Business Intelligence Group as a top Intelligent Control product.

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Embedded AI

We embed AI into our solutions—so you don’t have to. Embedded AI can significantly enhance existing models and approaches by tuning them with real-world data and experience.

Holistic Solution

Get seamless, flexible data mobility and integration across your entire enterprise, from sensors to the edge and cloud. Gain actionable insights quickly with AIoT.

Digital DNA-Powered AI Applications

The Aspen AIoT Hub supplies the infrastructure and production-grade environment to build, deploy and host Industrial AI applications—Including AspenTech's proven family of solutions.

This podcast discusses how Aspen AIoT Hub:

  • Facilitates enterprise-wide visualizations, actionable insights and AI-enabled applications
  • Accelerates time to ROI by creating a centralized location to simplify data management
  • Helps create the Self-Optimizing Plant of the future


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