The Industrial Data Historian of the Future

This ARC report explains how the trend of incorporating emerging technologies into historians continues into the future.


Operational historian's technology is evolving and changing with new digital technologies. The future of the historian consists of next-generation platforms, as well as advanced analytics including AI, containers and new architecture infrastructures (e.g., cloud, edge, data lakes, data hubs). The volume of industrial data will continue to increase, and the technology will become more important than ever for intelligence-based decisions. The trend of incorporating emerging technologies into historians or data platforms will continue. Ease of use, deployment and maintenance will continue to be critical capabilities for historians, as will data connectivity, data accessibility, and usability that enable the ability to get insights in real time.

Historians have evolved and are still evolving along with newer emerging digital technologies. Even for what is considered a mature technology today, the historian technology has been updated and the market continues to grow, and this is due to the evolution and integration of innovative technologies like new low-code no-code platforms and advanced analytics. With the historian evolution and the new capabilities, businesses are finding there is even more value in the data they collect.

The Industrial Data Historian of the Future

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ARC Report The Industrial Data Historian of the Future

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