AspenTech Wins Consumer Goods Technology Magazine 2011 Editor’s Pick Award

March 22, 2011

AspenTech Solutions and Partner Network Noted for Helping Consumer Product Customers Achieve Operational Excellence in Process Manufacturing
Burlington, MA -

Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN), a leading provider of software and services to the process industries, announced it won an “Editor’s Pick” award from Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) magazine.  CGT cited AspenTech’s innovative process optimization solutions and the domain expertise of its partner network in helping consumer products customers achieve operational excellence in process manufacturing. 

  • For 30 years AspenTech has focused on optimizing process industries such as energy, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.  The CGT award recognizes AspenTech’s growing presence in the consumer products industry, including leaders such as DSM Specialty Foods and Campbell Soup. 
  • CGT also recognized AspenTech’s growing AspenTech Partner Network, which has added 10 new partners over the year last year.    
  • In the 11th year of the CGT Readers Choice awards, the magazine noted that this year’s survey responses indicated new trends toward technology adoption.  Its Editors Pick awards recognize technology companies, such as AspenTech, “that are making an impact on the CP industry.” 

Supporting Quote: 

Jack Lee, Vice President, Indirect Channel Sales, AspenTech 

“AspenTech is delighted to receive this prestigious recognition highlighting how we are helping consumer products companies achieve their operational excellence objectives.  By tightly integrating their manufacturing and supply chain with existing ERP systems, CP companies are realizing new levels of optimization, giving them a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.” 

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About AspenTech 

AspenTech is a leading supplier of software that optimizes process manufacturing – for energy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, engineering and construction, and other industries that manufacture and produce products from a chemical process.  With integrated aspenONE solutions, process manufacturers can implement best practices for optimizing their engineering, manufacturing and supply chain operations.  As a result, AspenTech customers are better able to increase capacity, improve margins, reduce costs and become more energy efficient.  To see how the world’s leading process manufacturers rely on AspenTech to achieve their operational excellence goals, visit