AspenTech Sponsors ARC Advisory Group’s 13th Annual Orlando Forum

February 2, 2009

Company to Sponsor Industry Event Focused on Best Practices for Sustainable Manufacturing
Burlington, Mass. - Aspen Technology, Inc. (OTC: AZPN.PK), a leading provider of software and services to the process industries, today announced that it will sponsor the ARC Advisory Group’s 13th Annual Orlando Forum, taking place February 2-5.

  • As a sponsor of the event, AspenTech is helping to bring together manufacturing leaders looking for practical solutions to achieve operational excellence and profitability improvement goals in an increasingly challenging global economy.
  • ARC's 2009 Orlando Forum offers keynote speakers, sessions, and panels focusing on sustainability in the process, regulated, and discrete manufacturing industries. Specific strategies for more effective energy management, waste minimization, and resource utilization will be shared during the event.
  • Building on last year’s ARC Asset Lifecycle Management Forum, AspenTech is participating in a pre-conference workshop at the Orlando Forum, designed to help establish industry guidelines for the handover of asset information between EPC’s and owner-operators.
  • AspenTech is proud to support an event that brings together the world’s leading manufacturers including AspenTech customers such as BASF, Dow Chemical, Fluor and many others.

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