AspenTech Releases Version 8.5 of aspenONE® Manufacturing and Supply Chain Software

February 24, 2014

Unique New Capabilities for Aspen InfoPlus.21®, Aspen PIMS™, and Aspen Petroleum Scheduler Create Additional Profit Opportunities for Customers

Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN), a leading provider of software and services to the process industries, announced the availability of aspenONE Manufacturing and Supply Chain V8.5 software.  The latest release includes:

• New aspenONE Process Explorer – to drive manufacturing execution with breakthrough visualization and analysis of plant operations data;
• New aspenONE PIMS Platinum – to compare refinery plan and schedule side-by-side for the first time ever; and
• New Aspen Petroleum Scheduler – to integrate refinery scheduling and dock scheduling.

aspenONE Process Explorer and aspenONE PIMS Platinum are both built on the HTML5-based aspenONE web and mobile architecture, providing a user-friendly interface with touch interaction, intelligent search, and secure access from any web browser on a desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Powerful Visualization and Analytics for Plant Operations Data
aspenONE Process Explorer translates data collected by the industry’s leading data historian, Aspen InfoPlus.21, into actionable operational insight.  The new capabilities for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) enable customers to better understand Production, Quality and Equipment Availability.

Alignment between Planning and Scheduling
aspenONE PIMS Platinum delivers an industry first, enabling customers to view the plan and schedule side-by-side and resolve discrepancies easily.  A web-based flowsheet environment, aspenONE PIMS Platinum software can run multiple planning scenarios to make more informed – and more profitable – decisions.
Integrated Dock and Refinery Scheduling
The new Aspen Petroleum Scheduler adds the ability to schedule dock operations with refinery operations.  By combining these, customers can minimize losses from demurrage, re-blending, and product downgrades.

The V8.5 release of aspenONE software, including the new aspenONE Process Explorer, aspenONE PIMS Platinum, and Aspen Petroleum Scheduler, is available immediately.  Qualified aspenONE customers can upgrade to the new version for no additional cost.  For more information, visit

Supporting Quotes
Manolis Kotzabasakis, Executive Vice President, Products, AspenTech
“Version 8.5 of aspenONE software is another step forward in collaboration across planning, scheduling, and manufacturing operations.  By using the new aspenONE Process Explorer, aspenONE PIMS Platinum, and Aspen Petroleum Scheduler, our customers can become much more profitable.”

Nils-Petter Nytzen, Perstorp
“We are very confident that we can get more value out of our existing Trends and Process Graphics by bringing them together in the new aspenONE Process Explorer.  aspenONE Process Explorer is fast and the HTML5-based architecture eliminates client-side installs reducing our Total Cost of Ownership.  We plan for many of our users to start using it right away.”

Shinoj Bhaskar, Economist, Essar Oil UK
“aspenONE PIMS Platinum lets new users get up-to-speed quickly and advanced users reduce analysis and reporting time using the customizable dashboard templates.  By integrating Aspen Petroleum Scheduler, both the plan and the schedule can be seen together.  aspenONE PIMS Platinum increases collaboration with management, process unit managers, and schedulers.”

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About AspenTech
AspenTech is a leading supplier of software that optimizes process manufacturing – for energy, chemicals, engineering and construction, and other industries that manufacture and produce products from a chemical process.  With integrated aspenONE solutions, process manufacturers can implement best practices for optimizing their engineering, manufacturing and supply chain operations.  As a result, AspenTech customers are better able to increase capacity, improve margins, reduce costs and become more energy efficient.  To see how the world’s leading process manufacturers rely on AspenTech to achieve their operational excellence goals, visit


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