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    V8.7.1: 2014 Cost Basis Update, Scale By Area, & Electrical Substations

    ACCE V8.7.1 increases estimate accuracy with the 2014 Cost Basis Update. In addition to the annual update, users can now: scale projects by area; utilize a new way of estimating electrical substations, including the ability to specify multiple substations on the same form, such as cascading transformers; and estimate piping using a weight basis.

    There are also new models for estimating multi stream plate fin exchangers, venturi, and cyclone scrubbers.


    Manage pipeline movements in Aspen Petroleum Scheduler.

    Aspen Petroleum Scheduler software accurately tracks incoming and outgoing movements via pipelines down to ancillary terminals—enabling more accurate crude unit scheduling. Easily manage multiple and bi-directional pipeline segments with injection points and pipeline fill management.

    Balance your APC objectives with the new Aspen DMC3.

    Aspen DMC3 software provides a simple tuning factor to set the degree of LP robustness to prevent LP flipping by avoiding the use of weak process handles to deal with new CV limit excursions. 


    Extend the scheduling envelope in Aspen Petroleum Scheduler.

    Extend your scheduling envelope beyond the refinery gates to include pipeline movements and dock operations. Increase agility and perform all key scheduling activities within the same platform!

    Use Aspen DMC3 to flex your process knowledge.

    Using process knowledge improves model fidelity and reduces the likelihood of erroneous gains. Aspen DMC3 software makes it easy to preserve the structure of the control model by imposing real-world constraints on model identification. 


    Make faster decisions with Aspen PIMS-AO.

    Take advantage of the new algorithm in Aspen PIMS-AO software and achieve Global Optimum within a single run. In combination with Aspen PIMS-AO's parallel processing and solution analysis, you get faster, better results.

    Better, faster results with Aspen PIMS-AO and aspenONE® PIMS Platinum.

    The powerful combination of Aspen PIMS-AO and aspenONE® PIMS Platinum software provides the best of both worlds—the benefits of parallel and multi-core processing for speed with an intuitive, flowsheet environment for visualizing, running, and analyzing cases.  Evaluate more scenarios faster to drive better decisions.
    What's New in Activated Dynamics

    Activated Dynamics in Aspen HYSYS.

    Activated Dynamics for Compressor Surge Analysis in Aspen HYSYS enables users to quickly create dynamic models by encapsulating expert knowledge and enabling faster transition from steady-state to dynamic modeling. Analyze dynamic behavior and easily troubleshoot potential operational problems.
    What's New in PSV Design

    Design and rate relief devices with Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS.

    Relief device design and rating is now available in Aspen Plus, in addition to Aspen HYSYS! Ensure that proper relief valve and rupture disk sizing methods are used throughout analysis. Use accepted industry-standard API 520, 521, and 2000 to calculate necessary valve and rupture disk sizing specifications. Additional new features in both simulators include new fire scenario calculations, storage tank protection, and multivalve analysis.

    Aspen Capital Cost Estimator V8.6

    Detailed Unit Rate Estimating in ACCE.

    Aspen Capital Cost Estimator (ACCE) V8.6 extends into detailed estimating with the ability to create more precise estimates. With a new Unit Rate Excel spreadsheet import/export option, you can overwrite ACCE generated values for material unit rates and unit man hours, as well as define custom materials of construction. Take advantage of this new functionality to increase estimate precision, reduce estimate uncertainty, and speed up estimate reviews.



    Enhancements to Solids Modeling in Aspen Plus.

    Breakthrough solids modeling capabilities were introduced with V8.0, and have continually been upgraded with subsequent releases, V8.2 and V8.4. In V8.6, a new contact dryer model and enhanced indirect drying in the convective dryer model were introduced as well as enhanced particle size definition in the reactor models.

    aspenONE V8

    See innovations from earlier aspenONE V8 releases.

    Check out all of the other products and features from earlier V8 releases, including the new Aspen HYSYS, Acid Gas Cleaning in Aspen HYSYS, aspenONE Exchange, Aspen IMOS, Adaptive Process Control, and much more!
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