AspenTech Delivers Batch Process Development Innovations for Pharmaceutical and Specialty Chemical Industries

April 7, 2009

New Release of aspenONE® Software Accelerates Process Development and Reduces Manufacturing Costs
Burlington, Mass. - Aspen Technology, Inc. (OTC: AZPN.PK), a leading provider of software and services to the process industries, today introduced batch process development innovations for the pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries. The innovations in the new 7.1 release of aspenONE software will help chemists and engineers to accelerate batch process development and reduce manufacturing costs.

  • The 7.1 release includes a new process development console and GUI enhancements that simplify batch modeling processes, ensuring efficient and error-free transfer from lab to pilot to manufacturing.
  • The new release also accelerates process development through improved solubility modeling and reaction modeling integrated with batch distillation.

Supporting Quotes:

Dr. Ugo Cocchini, Principal Process Engineer-Team Leader, GlaxoSmithKline
"aspenONE V7 offers us at GSK a step-change in our modeling and design methods. In particular, the introduction of Aspen Reaction Modeler and the NRTL-SAC thermo method for modeling separation processes will make a significant difference for our way to approach process design."

Peter Crafts, Principal Process Engineer, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
"Solubility prediction is of strategic importance to AstraZeneca Process R&D. Our industry is increasingly challenged to deliver efficient and environmentally acceptable processes. Taking just a few physical property measurements and extrapolating them to predict temperature and composition effects on solubility is very desirable. The solubility modeling capability with NRTL-SAC in aspenONE V7 is one of the tools we use in our crystallisation process design workflow. aspenONE helps leverage solubility data to optimise solvent choice and processing conditions. We look forward to future developments from AspenTech that will further increase the areas of application."

Jamie Hintlian, Vice President & General Manager, Pharmaceuticals, AspenTech
"One of the biggest challenges facing Pharmaceutical and Specialty Chemical companies is being able to deliver and share information from a lab environment into a pilot plant and ultimately full scale manufacturing in an efficient and error-free manner. With aspenONE V7, we are significantly streamlining the Process Development workflow. This is yet another key component in the execution of our strategy to extend our process industry innovation to Pharmaceuticals and other batch industries."

Additional Benefits

  • Improved efficiency of valuable chemist and chemical engineering resources in process development – freeing them up to do more experimentation and value-added activity in R&D
  • Reduced risk of pilot plant batch failure by guiding chemists and engineers to a narrower range of tested process conditions
  • Accelerated product development through faster solvent screening
  • Improved yield and reduced waste costs by enabling the chemist and chemical engineer to examine more process options in less time
  • Process selection to minimize emissions and support for environmental compliance reporting
  • Reduced time to create pilot plant batch records by automating the generation of the batch record from the master recipe
  • A more robust process delivered to manufacturing through a more thorough tech transfer process

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