AspenTech Brings Search and High Performance Trending to Manufacturing Execution Systems with New Release of Aspen InfoPlus.21® Software

March 6, 2012

Enables Process Manufacturers to Improve Business Performance by Quickly Finding and Analyzing Operational Data for Fast and Easy Trouble Shooting
Burlington, MA -

Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN), a leading provider of software and services to the process industries, announced it has brought enterprise scale search and high performance trending to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) with the new release of Aspen InfoPlus.21.  Process manufacturers can improve their business performance by quickly finding and analyzing their operational data for fast and easy trouble shooting.  By instantly representing what is happening in the plant, engineers and operations personnel are better able to improve manufacturing performance.

The search capabilities and high performance trends within Aspen InfoPlus.21 optimize data discovery and analysis by rapidly contextualizing large volumes of information to help engineers identify relevant information and drawing meaningful conclusions.  In addition, these new features simplify finding and evaluating specific production events to improve operations.  

Other key enhancements in the new release of Aspen InfoPlus.21’s include online training, integrated aggregation and compliance tools, a new batch data Microsoft Excel add-in, and added support for SharePoint 2010 and Excel services.  

Aspen Online Trainingprovides on demand access to focused training modules directly within the product to fulfill important performance management requirements, while reducing implementation and maintenance costs.  

The new integrated aggregation and compliance tools increase user productivity by providing commonly used functionality such as out-of-the-box statistical computations, excursion and event alerts. 

The new batch data Excel add-in simplifies data extraction and expands self service analytics.  The more efficient workflow between Aspen Production Record Manager™ software and Excel helps users spend less time collecting information and more time analyzing to achieve greater business value.

Added support for SharePoint 2010 and Excel Services expands information accessibility and encourages collaboration to increase operational insight.  Enhanced visualization and improved navigation provides better “in context” data.  Distribution of parameterized reports with automatic updates upon recall makes information available instantly for real-time analysis to support faster decision making.  

The new release of Aspen InfoPlus.21 is available immediately.  For more information, visit  

Supporting Quotes  

Jeffrey Wachter, Advanced Process Control Engineer, Air Products  

“The new high performance trends are a leap forward in remote data acquisition speeds and will improve access to vital process information enhancing our analysis capabilities.  In addition, the new batch data Excel add-ins combined with intelligent Excel Services integration extends our ability to quickly build real-time web based data presentations and reports to better share relevant information.”  

Manolis Kotzabasakis, Executive Vice President, Products, AspenTech  

“The new enhancements to Aspen InfoPlus.21 allow process manufacturers to fine tune business performance by combining search capabilities with functional analysis.  Our customers now have the ability to analyze critical data in a timely fashion in order to make improvements and reduce costs.  This release is another example of our commitment to to deliver innovations in process optimization that help our customers make better and more informed decisions.”  

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