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    Analyze production runs - thumbnail

    Easily analyze production runs.

    Quickly locate specific records, campaigns, or lots based on process data, equipment used, or other conditions of interest. The query tool makes it a breeze to locate information within the database.
    Pinpoint problems faster - thumbnail

    Pinpoint problems faster.

    Track, trend, and analyze all data (process, lab, manual) related to any process defined by a start/end time. The product compiles and overlays all data, enabling the user to quickly visualize and assess the root cause of production problems.
    Limit liability and product loss - thumbnail

    Limit liability and product loss.

    Native forensic genealogy quickly identifies all products impacted by a defect or quality issue. Attribute level tracing enables you to assess what happened during past production runs and identify root causes of product quality differences.
    Run good batches - thumbnail

    Run batches during best possible conditions.

    Gantt charting enables you to visualize batch operations, including batch phases, steps and equipment details. Easily get the information you need to determine if the operation is running as planned and how well equipment is being utilized.
    Greater efficiency image

    Analyze, store, and retrieve data with greater efficiency.

    The solution analyzes raw process data from historians or any third-party ODBC data source and converts it into a structured context. It then stores information in a relational database, giving you the power to improve process understanding with more accurate data.
    IP.21 64-bit Brand Image

    64-bit platform support

    Aspen Production Record Manager 64-bit organizes manufacturing process information to provide monitoring and analysis. And with a 64-bit version, it's now more powerful than ever.

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