AspenTech Appoints Senior Company Executive John Hague to Lead Middle East Operations

December 15, 2010

25-Year Process Industry Executive Brings Additional Focus to Expanding Company’s Presence in the Middle East
Burlington, Mass -

Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN), a leading provider of software and services to the process industries, announced the appointment of John Hague as Senior Vice President and Managing Director for the Middle East and North Africa.  With over 25 years of process industry experience in sales and business development, Hague brings additional focus to expanding AspenTech’s presence in the Middle East. 

  • Hague joined AspenTech in 1995 and has served in several senior management roles, most recently as Senior Vice President and head of Global Accounts.   
  • His new appointment represents AspenTech’s continued focus in the Middle East.  Since launching direct sales operations in 2009, AspenTech has expanded its Middle East presence to four regional offices, building a strong team of technical and commercial professionals.  AspenTech has direct personnel in Bahrain, UAE and Oman, as well as a strong network of partners across the region. 
  • AspenTech’s customers in the Middle East include all of the major oil, gas and chemical companies in the region who use the full spectrum of aspenONE® Engineering and aspenONE® Manufacturing & Supply Chain solutions.  In addition, AspenTech’s engineering software is used by all of the region’s major engineering and construction firms.  

Supporting Quotes: 

Antonio Pietri, Executive Vice President, Field Operations 

 “For over 15 years, John Hague has been instrumental in helping to build AspenTech’s global sales organization.  With John now located in Bahrain, we have one of the process industry’s most experienced executives on the ground in the Middle East leading our regional operations and building on our existing staff of industry experts.  John’s domain knowledge and in-depth understanding of global process manufacturing will be invaluable in helping Middle East customers achieve their process optimization goals in a changing global economy. 

John Hague, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Middle East and North Africa 

 As the worldwide demand for energy continues to shift and grow, process industry companies require best-in-class technology that will help them optimize the design and operations of their facilities.  We already work closely with some of the world’s largest energy producers based here, and with our expanded direct sales team, local domain experts, best-in-class optimization solutions and the flexible aspenONE Licensing Model, we are well positioned to meet the needs of this growing market.” 

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