Industry Panel Discussion - Accelerating the Digitalization Journey

Hear how industry leaders from ConocoPhillips, NOVA Chemicals, P66 and McKinsey view digitalization best practices and value generation, and how they are laying the foundation for the smart asset of the future. Below are a few of the highlights:


  • Nova Chemicals [3:24 – 6:02] talks about how they prioritized their digitalization roadmap and the use of digital process models at scale to visualize, assure and optimize performance.
  • P66 [6:02 – 10:48, 16:11 – 18:58] discusses success factors for scaling digitalization strategy and the impact of AI in the area of predictive maintenance.
  • ConocoPhillips [10:48 – 16:11, 18:58 – 22:44] covers experiences and focus areas working with distributed global business units and provides overviews of the advanced digitalization projects underway.

Download this on-demand recording to hear how industry leaders are using digital technology to improve operational performance.

Industry Panel Discussion - Accelerating the Digitalization Journey

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Industry Panel Discussion - Accelerating the Digitalization Journey

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