Digital Twins: The Accelerated Path to Autonomous Operations

The concept of digital twins has been around since 1960s, but the term was first introduced nearly a decade ago by NASA's John Vickers. Until very recently, adoption of digital twins has been fairly inconsistent but acceptance looks to be accelerating with recent market shifts. Today’s users are seeing exponential benefits by deploying multiple digital twins across sites. The next wave of digitalization innovations, powered by digital twins and AI, is creating new levels of agility and flexibility, paving the way to autonomous operations.

In this presentation, AspenTech experts share insights on how industry leaders are using process digital twins to:

  • Maximize operating profitability with multiple online digital twins, leading to nearly $700M USD in benefits 
  • Improve production rates by accurately evaluating improvements to gain >$100M USD/year 
  • Efficiently manage energy use across an entire site to reduce carbon emissions by nearly 60,000 tons/year 
  • Competently train operators and build comprehensive decision support to track, visualize KPIs, plan and optimize operations 

Watch an informative and engaging session on how diverse applications of process digital twin software makes it a valuable industrial metaverse tool, especially in a quickly changing environment.

Digital Twins: The Accelerated Path to Autonomous Operations

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Digital Twins: The Accelerated Path to Autonomous Operations

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