DGM Webinar Series: Energy Management Systems (EMS)

Watch this webinar to learn more about our robust EMS capabilities, comprehensive EMS suite and the operational and business value it can bring to your utility.


This webinar highlights our full EMS product suite, including:

  • Situational Awareness
    Turn raw substation data into actionable information with real-time network graphics and features such as graphical queries to augment visualization on geographic and schematic overviews.
  • Real-Time Transmission Applications
    Includes State Estimation, Contingency Analysis and more.
  • Planning and Study Tools
    Leverage study analytics to validate and optimize your network, including Power Flow, Equipment Outage integration, Load Forecasts and more.
  • Operator Training Simulator 
    Provides a simulated real-time system to help operators gain hands-on experience with events ranging from system blackouts to component losses to normal, secure operations.

DGM Webinar Series: Energy Management Systems (EMS)

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DGM Webinar: Series Energy Management Systems (EMS)

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