APM 4.0: More Than Improved Maintenance

You and your organization know that contributions from maintenance are key to improving operations and helping your company stay competitive. However, many teams are not yet taking advantage of the latest advances in asset performance management, or APM, to help make the right decisions to drive an effective maintenance strategy.


Mike Brooks, AspenTech’s Global Director of APM Solutions, takes a no-nonsense look at the evolution of APM – where it started, how it got to what is called "APM 4.0", and where it will go next. The heart of APM 4.0 includes innovations in AI and machine learning, and this webinar will show how these and other digital technologies can help you create sustainable value over the lifecycle of your assets.

Through use cases and other insights, you’ll learn how APM 4.0 can help your organization:

  • Minimize breakdowns and avoid process-induced degradation
  • Prepare for planned service that is safe and environmentally friendly
  • Better understand the cost and risk/rewards of asset operation
  • Maximize expected return on capital expended (RoCE)

APM 4.0: More Than Improved Maintenance

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APM 4.0: More Than Improved Maintenance

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