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Webinar with NETL: Modeling Carbon Capture for Scaleup and Optimized Economics

With more than 60 active projects globally, it’s clear that carbon capture plays a key role in many companies’ overall carbon reduction strategy. However, the economics and technology remain challenging. Digital models are an effective approach for optioneering and evaluating the best carbon capture solution for different applications.

Industrial AI from AspenTech

Use AspenTech’s industrial AI solutions to insights, automate processes and improve operational efficiencies with built-in AI and domain expertise.

The Self-Optimizing Plant

In today’s VUCA environment, organizations are turning to digitalization and Industrial AI to develop autonomous and semi-autonomous processes that enable new levels of safety, sustainability and profitability. Learn how Self-Optimizing Plants will enable companies: to empower next-generation workers to focus on the highest-value activities; improve safety and reliability with predictive maintenance to mitigate future events; maximize performance of plant operations by running closer to asset limits and optimizing utilization; and achieve sustainability goals by reducing energy use and avoiding conditions that cause emissions.

Performance Engineering

AspenTech's performance engineering solution reduces plant CAPEX and OPEX while improving time to market, energy efficiency and profit margins.

Specialty Chemicals

AspenTech solution enables producers to expand differentiation, accelerate innovation and drive profitable growth across complex, market-facing businesses.

Engineering Procurement and Construction

AspenTech can help you win more engineering and construction work, improve engineering performance and capitalize on OPEX. Watch our video to learn more.

Bulk Chemicals

AspenTech enables producers to improve cost competitiveness, reduce operational risks and increase return on capital across their most complex assets.

Tuning Models with Plant Data

Models that match reality by calibrating them to plant data for improved design and revamp with process understanding through validation with historical data.

Monitoring Heat Exchanger Fouling

Learn how you can better monitor your heat exchanger fouling levels using AspenTech solution

Dynamic Studies

Hone your understanding of operational changes through dynamic insights with trusted accuracy and built-in templates to get started.

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