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Agilice la selección de diseños conceptuales y reduzca el CAPEX del proyecto entre un 15% y 30% con el diseño 3D en FEED

Las empresas de energía y productos químicos siempre buscan reducir el CAPEX mientras aceleran los proyectos en facilidades existentes. La nueva tecnología de AspenTech de diseño 3D conceptual OptiPlant, integrada con otras herramientas de estimación y simulación de procesos, puede reducir el tiempo de análisis de alternativas a la mitad e identificar de la forma más rápida el mejor diseño y así poder ahorrar hasta un 30% en CAPEX.

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The future starts with industrial AI

TechnologyReview-The future starts with industrial AI



Aspen Unified PIMS

AspenTech's Unified PIMs Product streamlines routine tasks, handles the demands of refinery and petrochemical LP models and automates model management.

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Modeling Carbon Capture for Scaleup and Optimized Economics Featuring NETL

With more than 60 active projects globally, it’s clear that carbon capture plays a key role in many companies’ overall carbon reduction strategy. However, the economics and technology remain challenging. Digital models are an effective approach for optioneering and evaluating the best carbon capture solution for different applications.

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Prescriptive Maintenance: Transforming Asset Performance Management

Prescriptive maintenance technology is transforming how companies increase asset availability. With more advance warning of equipment failures comes more opportunity to mitigate the negative impact of those events.


Achieving a Sustainable, Profitable Operation

How do we meet the expectations of a growing population, but also address sustainability? This short video featuring Antonio Pietri, CEO Aspen Technology, discusses this dual challenge and the new levels of operational excellence in the capital intensive industries.

Aspen Petroleum Scheduler

Aspen Petroleum Scheduler allows you to simultaneously schedule all key petroleum refinery activities within a single multi-user environment.


The Vision of the Self-Optimizing Plant

In this short video featuring Antonio Pietri, CEO Aspen Technology, discusses how the self-optimizing plant will be a self-learning, self-adapting, and self-sustaining operation.


The Future Starts with Industrial AI

In this short video featuring Antonio Pietri, CEO Aspen Technology, explains how the last 40 years have been foundational to the success of industrial AI. In order to accelerate your digital transformation, assets need to run safer, greener, longer and faster.

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