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Mining Guide for Preventing Unplanned Mobile and Fixed Equipment Downtime

Whether it’s mobile or fixed equipment, failures resulting in unplanned downtime and lost production can be costly.


A New Era

Recent global volatility and uncertainty have asset intensive industries facing a new era - and the ability to react and recover is evolving. Read this blog for insights into preparing a new path towards building future resilience.

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Accelerate Concept Selection and Reduce Project CAPEX 15-30% with 3D Layout at Front End

Energy and chemical companies are always looking to reduce CAPEX while accelerating brownfield projects. AspenTech’s new OptiPlant 3D conceptual layout technology – integrated with other process simulation and estimating tools – can cut optioneering time in half to identify the best design faster and save up to 30% on capital costs.


How Industrial AI Will Shape Your Future

Defining your future means building on the past. As the world continues to change, AspenTech has the experience to prepare you for the future. We’ll help you achieve new levels of reliability, efficiency and agility by harnessing the power of AI to run your operations safer, greener, longer and faster. Your future begins now. Watch this video to learn how you’ll move ahead with AspenTech.


AspenTech's lifecycle solutions for the downstream industry improve refinery reliability and availability, to help achieve agility for global crude markets.


Thriving in the "New Normal" Requires the Self-Optimizing Plant

Giving your operation greater resilience, flexibility and agility has never been more important. Achieve it all by creating the Self-Optimizing Plant, which combines AI, industry-specific models and domain expertise to deliver new levels of performance.

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Industry Panel Discussion - Accelerating the Digitalization Journey

Hear how industry leaders from ConocoPhillips, NOVA Chemicals, P66 and McKinsey view digitalization best practices and value generation, and how they are laying the foundation for the smart asset of the future. Below are a few of the highlights:

Executive Brief

Sustainability Takes Center Stage

Sustainability is no longer an option—it’s an imperative. Awareness and alarm about the impact of human activity on the environment has begun to shift buying and investment behavior around the world. Increasing energy use, resource depletion and waste generation are creating an urgency to rethink current consumer and business practices, and specifically to address priorities related to sustainability.


Are You Ready for Industrial AI? Our Checklist Has the Answer

Industrial AI will enable the next generation of AspenTech solutions to deliver greater business value. Are you ready to put this technology to work?

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ARC Sustainability Survey Results: How Prepared Are You?

How effective are your sustainability initiatives—especially given the current global environment? Early returns from the ARC Advisory Group benchmarking survey reveal that sustainability is just as important as other key programs such as margin optimization and operational excellence. What about worker safety, the environment and digitalization? You may be surprised how your peers responded.

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