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Prescriptive Maintenance: Transforming Asset Performance Management

Prescriptive maintenance technology is transforming how companies increase asset availability. With more advance warning of equipment failures comes more opportunity to mitigate the negative impact of those events.

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How Aspen Mtell® and Aspen ProMV™ Enhance the Capabilities of Data Science Teams

Feature engineering, state classification and best model selection can be complex, time-consuming tasks for data science teams. While building customized tools is often the first instinct, today’s Asset Performance Management (APM) applications with built-in industry expertise can help data scientists speed up this process to rapidly design and scale new solutions.


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Unlock the Industry of the Future When AI Meets IIoT

The confluence of AI and the IIoT was a hot topic at OPTIMIZE 2021. Learn how you can accelerate your digitalization journey in today's LIVE blog.


Expanding the Application of Industrial AI

V12.1 enables companies to achieve profitability and sustainability goals by embedding Industrial AI into our solutions to support a new era of autonomy and sustainability.


Conceptual Layout Creates New Value at the Front End

With the addition of OptiPlant’s 3D conceptual layout systems, we extend our front-end engineering workflow to provide greater value for EPCs, design organizations and asset operators.

aspenONE Engineering deployment in the cloud

aspenONE® Engineering deployment helps you reduce IT costs, save time and boost productivity using process simulation software from the cloud.

Aspen Utilities

Aspen Utilities helps manage and optimize energy use and sourcing to ensure all operations receive reliable supplies while minimizing cost and emissions.

Aspen Petroleum Refining

Aspen Petroleum Refining solution helps refineries maximize crude flexibility and optimize throughput using advanced refinery-wide simulation.

Aspen Multi-Case

Easily runs thousands of simulations cases concurrently, on-premise or in the cloud with Aspen Multi-Case™ from AspenTech.

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