Aspen Simulation Workbook

Easily Access Models in Excel via Aspen Simulation Workbook

Imagine the advantages of using Aspen Plus® or Aspen HYSYS® models within a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet. Run case studies, find improvements, troubleshoot or optimize the design of your process.
Aspen Simulation Workbook
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Make process models accessible to everyone.

Aspen Simulation Workbook makes it easy to link your models to Microsoft Excel, putting the power of process simulation to work to help run plants more efficiently. Optionally link models to plant data tags or run 'what-if' studies to guide day-to-day operating decisions.

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Hear customer case studies.

Recent webinars demonstrate use cases and return on investment for Aspen Simulation Workbook.

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Open up the power of process simulation.

Aspen Simulation Workbook is a powerful tool for creating convenient user interfaces to Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus models. Now, users without process simulation experience can still run models from Excel, where they only view a concise summary of pertinent information. Aspen Simulation Workbook interfaces can be created in just minutes by directly exporting data from the simulation.

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Streamline engineering workflow.

Aspen Simulation Workbooks integrates with other aspenONE Engineering software to serve every stage of the process engineering lifecycle, including Aspen Plus, HYSYS, the EDR suite, and Aspen Custom Modeler.

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