Train operators sooner, for longer and with more confidence.

Deploy DCS-agnostic, maintainable operator training sooner using dynamic simulation — trusted for its accuracy and ease-of-use, from start to end.

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Evaluate feedstock faster than ever.

Planners and traders can easily identify the potential profit of a new crude relative to the existing crude basket. Make economic comparisons of the reference case crude basket with Aspen Assay Management, including a library of over 700 crudes. Included free with PIMS™. Molecular characterization of crudes helps planners more accurately characterize crudes for enhanced property prediction, yielding better crude purchase decisions.

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Take it to the next level with Advanced Optimization.

Aspen PIMS-AO is the most advanced planning software available.  Boasting a finely-tuned proprietary optimization engine for enhanced accuracy and speed.  It also has several important tools to improve your planning results: parallel processing to evaluate multiple scenarios simultaneously, global optimization to verify your answer is the best one, and advanced solution tools for better scenario analysis and risk management.  Learn more at the link below.

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Optimize product slates.

PIMS will automatically select the products that will meet your production goals, while maximizing profitability, including optimizing energy consumption and selecting the best products.  PIMS can also be used for inventory projections with a variety of applications, including supporting secondary distribution optimization and tax planning.

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Visualize your results like a breeze.

Aspen PIMS with aspenONE PIMS Platinum allows planners to easily view their model in an automatically generated flowsheet, and see results with customizable graphic dashboards. On demand access with any web enabled device allows on the go decision-making for planners, traders, and managers.

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Add, modify, and recut assays.

Aspen PIMS is complete with assay management capabilities. Now planners can make changes to assays within the planning tool, with automated updates to the PIMS tables. New visualization makes spotting the right crude easier than ever.

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Bring planning and scheduling together.

Refineries and olefins products lose billions each year due to missed opportunities and gaps between planning, scheduling, and operations. Improve your profitability by sharing data, including inventory projections, production targets and assays for enhanced accuracy in both planning and scheduling with Aspen Petroleum Scheduler.

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