Make better decisions with reconciled production data through one model that integrates unit and plant-boundary balances.

Aspen Operations Reconciliation and Accounting software enables timely completion of plant boundary and unit balances. Produce daily reports of plant inventory and overall production numbers to enable better business decisions.
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Measure performance with confidence using the new AORA Data Service

Expand your use of reconciled data from AORA with the new OData Service that significantly reduces the cost of performing valuable analysis between multiple plant disciplines. 

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Perform daily production reconciliation.

Automation makes it simple to reconcile production on a daily basis instead of once a month, giving you improved confidence of actual inventory positions and greater control of your operations.

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Resolve discrepancies, reduce stock losses.

The rule-based expert system correctly measures production flows, allowing you to recover more throughput and maximize bottom line profitability. Gross error detection, correction and reconciliation systematically detects and resolves leaks, instrument and other errors.

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Tracking production against plan is a breeze.

Closely track production and take timely corrective action when deviations occur. Ensure that customer commitments are met and avoid having to purchase components or downgrade shipments to close out your monthly material balance.

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Trade and hedge with less risk.

The solution gives traders an accurate view of inventory positions by volume and material type, giving traders the agility to trade and hedge at the most opportunistic times. Improved demand prediction enables smarter timing of crude purchases.

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Report and share results.

Refinery-wide access to a single set of production results supports high-level analysis and decision making. Results are published to the company’s internal website and uploaded to the refinery’s ERP, making results immediately available to cross-functional teams for improved collaboration.

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Automate movement data collection.

Integration with Aspen Tank and Operations Manager allows you to monitor and manage oil movements, tanks, nominations and shipping information. Integrate Operations with Scheduling and Yield Accounting groups for complete automation of refinery operations.

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