Dynamic Process Simulation Made Easy.

Aspen HYSYS® Dynamics is dynamic process simulation software that has been integrated into Aspen HYSYS, making it easy to convert your steady state process model into a dynamic process simulation model to study time-dependent oil & gas processes, including gas processing and petroleum refining.
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Convert steady-state models with ease.

Aspen HYSYS Dynamics allows you to easily convert steady state Aspen HYSYS models to dynamic process simulation models entirely within Aspen HYSYS.

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Model process safety, operability, control system, and startup conditions.

With dynamic process simulation software, you can evaluate control schemes, assess process safety conditions, plan for start-up, shut-down, and emergencies, consider many scenarios for operator training, and troubleshoot plant performance problems.

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Model the Dynamic Response of Compressors.

Aspen HYSYS Dynamics can be used to view the response of compressors to conditions that vary from steady-state. Proper dynamic modeling of compressors can help prevent catastrophic equipment occurrences, such as compressor surge or flow reversal, to ensure process safety.

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Perform Dynamic Studies for Columns.

Columns are an essential part of most processes. Columns can have many variables that rapidly change during plant operation. Utilizing Aspen HYSYS Dynamics, users can set up models to view and control the dynamic response of columns to ensure process safety and operability.

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See how customers optimize with Aspen HYSYS Dynamics.

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