Validate Heat Exchanger Design Against Design Methods and Data

Aspen HTFS Research Network™ offers a comprehensive reference to the science and technology supporting the Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating suite of thermal design programs.
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Refer to Design Methods, Data, and Practices from the New EDR

From the New EDR, users can access the Aspen HTFS Research Network, which provides online access to comprehensive references to heat exchanger theory and practice, detailed derivation and comparisons of design methods, validation of design procedures, description of the technical methods used by the Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating thermal suite of products, and over 40 years of HTFS research.

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HTFS Handbook

A comprehensive reference to heat exchanger theory and practice contained in over 470 concise sheets that reviews heat transfer equipment, processes, and calculation methods.

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HTFS Design Reports

Over 40 reference reports contain detailed derivation , comparisons of design methods and validation of design procedures, including descriptions of key technical methods used in the Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating programs.

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HTFS Research Reports

Access to over 1,200 published research reports containing results of the Aspen HTFS heat transfer proprietary research from 1971 to the present. This source also includes data models and correlations.