Aspen Fired Heater

Simulate and Optimize Fired Process Heaters.

Aspen Fired Heater® is a simulation and rating program for modeling a complete fired process heater system, including both radiant and convection sections. Troubleshoot process furnace operational performance to maximize efficiency or identify potential for tube burnout or excessive coking.

Aspen Fired Heater
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Model multiple firebox types.

Firebox radiation modeling uses either a simple “well stirred” model or a more detailed zone model. It supports cylindrical fireboxes with helical coils or vertical tubes; cabin or box heaters, with horizontal or vertical tubes, either refractory backed or as a single or double central row, and optionally with roof tubes. With Aspen Fired Heater, you can model process furnaces with single or twin cabin fireboxes.

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Support all physical properties.

Properties can be transferred from AspenTech’s steady-state simulators, or retrieved from Aspen Properties®, Aspen HYSYS Thermodynamics COM Interface, or the heritage Aspen B-JAC™ database. More than 15,000 components and 30 vapor liquid equilibrium methods are available.

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Monitor Operational Performance in Aspen HYSYS

New in V8.4—Aspen HYSYS now features Activated Exchanger Design & Rating. Users can easily import Aspen Fired Heater designs Aspen HYSYS and now instantly view the impact of design decisions on heat exchanger operational performance. Easily monitor critical performance issues such as excessive operating temperature & pressure, combustion, and more!

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Increase engineering efficiency.

Aspen Fired Heater can be used to investigate the relationship between stack temperatures and safe operating limits for tubes to optimize cleaning schedules in fired process heaters or process furnaces. Check on cost and safety of operating as pre-heat train fouls. Our customers report savings of several hundred thousand dollars per year.

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