Aspen Batch Modeler

Reduce batch cycle time while ensuring optimum product quality and production

Use Batch Modeling within Aspen Plus to combine reaction kinetics with the conceptual design, analysis and optimization of batch processes. Reduce batch cycle times and ensure product quality with batch distillation modeling and batch reaction modeling.
Aspen Batch Modeler
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Fully Integrated Batch Modeling Solutions

Batch modeling is now easier than ever thanks to capabilities fully integrated into the Aspen Plus V10 simulation environment. Use the BatchOp model for rate-based batch reactions and crystallization kinetics. Take advantage of the reaction models and physical properties database in Aspen Plus to enable scale up from batch to continuous processes.

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Powerful Distillation Modeling Solutions

Run batch distillation models that support reactive distillation and multiple stop criteria, enabling more flexible recipe definition for conceptual design and cycle time optimization. Animated flowsheets display column configuration and performance over time. Aspen Properties® seamlessly predicts VLE or VLLE behavior.

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