aspenONE® Process Explorer™

Visualize, analyze, monitor and access plant operations data in real-time.

Comprehensive, Flexible and Connected

Identify Unique Patterns in Process History

Analyze an event using powerful pattern recognition and discovery tools, automatically matching and discovering patterns in data.

Leverage Analysis Tools for Corrective Action

Track performance and evaluate trends in real time with up-to-date process and production graphics.

Quickly Identify Causes of Downtime

Rapidly identify potential problems via alarms and events that notify operators of deviations from acceptable process conditions.

Track Key Metrics Across the Enterprise

Configure daily workflows quickly and easily, enabling enterprise visibility into asset performance with clear and succinct notifications.

Product Features

Aspen Production Record Manager™

Discover detailed origin of production losses and improve automation for easier analysis and production reporting with real-time visibility to improve batch performance.

aspenONE Process Explorer

aspenONE® Process Explorer™

Decrease reaction times and improve production performance with comprehensive real-time visibility into your operations.