aspenONE® Asset Performance Management (APM)

Optimize reliability management through predictive and prescriptive analytics to improve product quality and yield and create a world that doesn’t break down.

The Science of Maintenance

Using real-time data and predictive analytics, accurate failure alerts are available weeks or months in advance.

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A Multi-Level Approach

Combining prescriptive maintenance, root cause analysis, RAM analysis and more, Asset Performance Management addresses issues at the equipment, process and system levels.


Rapid Time to Value

Low-touch machine learning enables fast deployment of automated Asset Performance Management solutions to predict asset failures and reduce downtime — plant-wide, system-wide or across multiple locations.

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“Improving reliability positively impacts a wide range of issues, from reducing current maintenance costs to planning for abnormal process conditions, avoiding emergency or unplanned shutdowns and successfully managing unpredictable feed and demands. Saras expects to achieve savings from this initiative, which is part of an important digitalization project.” 

- Alessandro Zucca, Digital Platform Manager, Operations and Assets, Saras
Asset Performance Management
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Aspen Mtell Prescriptive Insight

Aspen Mtell® Warns of Failure Earlier, Eliminating Downtime

Prescriptive Insight in 2 ½ Weeks

View this infographic to see how prescriptive maintenance early adopters are reducing downtime and improving reliability – with results in as little as 2 ½ weeks.

Seeing Into the Future With Prescriptive Analytics: A New Vision for Asset Performance Management

A New Vision for Asset Performance Management

White Paper: Seeing Into the Future With Prescriptive Analytics

In this white paper, learn how nine early adopters of prescriptive analytics have reduced unplanned downtime and improved asset reliability. Using a new approach to asset performance management, organ...

White Paper

Capital-Intensive Industries and Asset Performance Management

Executive Brief: The Time is Right for Optimum Reliability

Imagine a plant that is no longer at risk of a random shutdown. Imagine not worrying about losing a year’s worth of hard-fought optimization value in just two to three days due to a maintenance emerge...

Executive Brief
Progressive Railroading

Progressive Railroading - The Next Wave of Technological Wonders

“Automation also can help identify issues before something critical fails. Finding problems as early as possible helps improve asset management,” says CSX Executive Vice President and Chief Operating ...