Aspen Cloud

Uncover the hidden value of your data with highly configurable and scalable analytics solutions.

Your journey to business value starts with Aspen Cloud. Drive value from your data with our secure, end-to-end solution.

Connection and Ingestion

Easily ingest data using SDKs, rapidly model data and configure policies and rules, and enrich data with external sources.

Data Management

Encrypt data in-flight and at rest, with additional hot and cold data storage, data streaming and data freshness capabilities.

Process and Resource Management

Easily manage increases in data volume and processing needs, plus complex event processing and self-healing of microservices.

With core functionality, intuitive modeling and out-of-the-box analytics, Aspen Cloud enables you to quickly ingest, cleanse and process your data, establish a strong analytics base and build a successful IoT data program.

Data Exploration

Leverage data exploration and IoT-specific BI capabilities around individual devices and events, aggregations of events and time series.

Rest API and Query Language

Enable custom code integrations and connections. Expose and leverage insights from external systems and applications.

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