Aspen Technology Solutions for Amazon Web Services

Better Together: AWS and AspenTech

Optimizing Assets to Run Safer, Greener, Longer and Faster on the AWS Cloud

Digital transformation and sustainability are driving today’s corporate strategies. Partnering together, AspenTech and AWS offer solutions that provide our customers with flexibility and scalability benefits to achieve greater automation, improve resource efficiencies and drive overall operational excellence that supports a carbon-neutral future. Our solutions help your company meet your strategic goals -- today and tomorrow.

Equipment Health & Maintenance Solution

The Equipment Health & Maintenance (EHM) solution provides predictive equipment analytics to monitor equipment health and performance and boost preventative maintenance strategies. EHM helps reduce equipment downtime, improve reliability and improve performance while enabling organizations to optimize operations and maintenance expenditures. As a cloud-based solution, EHM can easily scale across downstream operations to fit business needs.

Refinery Monitoring & Surveillance Solution

The Refinery Monitoring & Surveillance (RMS) solution combines proprietary edge software, a cloud-native batch and near real-time data store and a data visualization platform. It helps access and manage disparate data sources. By standardizing how data is brought into the cloud from operations infrastructure and storing data in a centralized repository, it helps drive business-critical workloads for market competitiveness.

Use Cases in Action

AspenTech embeds AI into our solutions – so you don’t have to. Embedded AI significantly enhances existing data models and approaches by tuning them with real-world data and experience. When combined with domain expertise new levels of asset performance can be achieved. And, with the AWS Cloud, scalability is never an issue.

Here are three use cases that show AspenTech and AWS technology working together:

  • Oil Refinery - Uses AspenTech solutions and Amazon S3 to simultaneously evaluate thousands of different scenarios from their data to identify the optimum crude oil slate for processing.
  • Process Plant - Deploys an advanced class of industrial AI-enabled models that combine machine learning and first principles to deliver more comprehensive, efficient data models.
  • Chemical Plant - Gains real-time customer insights to boost supply chain networks by creating a system to detect changes in conditions and automatically adjust to market changes.