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Transform how your organization works with AI embedded into our solutions. Gain insights, automate processes and improve operational efficiencies with built-in AI and domain expertise.

Create the Foundation for the Self-Optimizing Plant by Embedding AI Across Industrial Solutions

Industrial AI: Shape Your Future

AspenTech combines data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning with decades of domain expertise to deliver fit for purpose, industrial applications to drive sustainable business value.

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Prescriptive Maintenance: See Downtime Coming and Plan Around It

Aspen Mtell® leverages AI and machine learning to improve asset uptime and asset health prediction to increase safety, reduce emissions and improve profits.

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Hybrid Models: Solve the Most Difficult Problems

Aspen Hybrid Models quickly and intuitively model complex, difficult and new processes to go beyond what conventional models can achieve. Build and maintain models more quickly.

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Executive Brief: Industrial AI Accelerates Digital Transformation for Capital-Intensive Industries

Industrial AI Accelerates Digital Transformation for Capital-Intensive Industries

The key to making AI work in real-world applications is getting the learning right – making it valuable and actionable. Industrial AI applications need to combine data science and AI with purpose-built software and domain expertise to deliver true business value.

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Whats new in V12.2
Accelerate digitalization to achieve sustainability goals and drive operational excellence.

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Are You Ready for Industrial AI? Our Checklist Has the Answer

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