Emerson E&P Software is now AspenTech® Subsurface Science & Engineering

Increased Confidence in Exploration and Production Decisions through Deeper Subsurface Insights

AspenTech is excited to announce the integration of Emerson E&P Software, providing new capabilities in Subsurface Science & Engineering. The new AspenTech addresses your dual challenge: meeting the needs of a higher standard of living for a rapidly growing population while achieving your sustainability and profitability goals.

Our newly expanded portfolio is strategically developed to help you accelerate business performance, extend the asset optimization lifecycle and advance your sustainability initiatives.

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Aspen Technology is a global leader in industrial software, uniquely positioned to address the dual challenge of meeting rising demand for resources from a growing population while delivering on the expectations of a more sustainable world.

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For existing E&P Software customers

Decision makers worldwide use our solutions to reduce uncertainty, minimize risk and support responsible asset management. Integration with the AspenTech portfolio ensures continued benefit from the most advanced technologies for exploration and production, while enhancing asset lifecycle optimization.

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Combining industry-leading asset optimization software with advanced power grid management solutions and subsurface science & engineering capabilities allows our customers to run safer, greener, longer and faster, and ultimately, build a healthier world for future generations

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Aspen EarthStudy 360™

A full 360 degrees of insight into subsurface exploration and production.

Aspen Echos™

The industry’s benchmark system for seismic processing.

Aspen GeoDepth™

Reduced drilling risk through advanced velocity determination, modeling and imaging.

Aspen Geolog™

Advanced petrophysical analysis: multi-well, multi-user, by design.

Aspen METTE™

Flow assurance and optimization, from exploration to production.

Aspen OpsLink™

Real-time data enables informed decisions during well operations.

Aspen RMS™

Smart, interactive reservoir modeling for superior results in less time.

Aspen SeisEarth™

Because your seismic interpretation shouldn't be compromised.

Aspen SKUA™

Better field development through true collaboration and geological integrity.

Aspen Tempest™

Make reliable, accurate reservoir predictions more quickly.

Aspen Epos™

An innovative, scalable data management infrastructure that enhances collaboration, security and efficiency.