On Demand Webinar

Improve Your Process Engineering Business Processes in Lean Times

See how AspenTech can help you achieve better project execution and collaboration with improved work flows and integration. Webinar presented by Vikas Dhole, John Wylie and Ron Beck.


Organizational Excellence and Estimating Risk: Driving to Better Estimates

Both EPCs and owner-operators need to look at better estimating business processes and systems. That spreadsheet approaches are a major project risk and bottleneck.


The Rise of Agile Cost Management

Think about estimating as a new way for business success for an E&C.


Rise of Modular Design

Learn about the project CAPEX benefits of modular design. aspenONE Engineering has differentiated functionality for templating modular designs.


Breakthroughs in the 5th D: Capital Costing

This blog presents Aspen Economics as the next evolution in managing projects with cost as the fifth dimension (3D + time + cost) to improve on time, on budget projects with higher quality designs. Positions AspenTech as an innovator.


A Dynamic Model: The Essential Accompanyist to the Project Conductor

The value of dynamic modeling across the asset creation lifecycle.

Aspen Basic Engineering

Improve productivity, agility and time-to-delivery by streamlining basic engineering and using one central location for FEED data.

On Demand Webinar

Sharpen Your Bid – Calibrating ACCE Into a Strategic Weapon

Are you a new estimator and want to start using Aspen Capital Cost Estimator™ (ACCE) software? Are you an existing estimator and want to perform estimates faster with more accuracy? Spend an hour with Luis Garcia, an experienced estimator, and learn how to improve your workflow speed, bidding accuracy and calibration processes using ACCE.

On Demand Webinar

Streamline Engineering Projects - From Bidding to Execution

In today’s competitive project environment, almost every process industry organization is seeking ways to reduce the time and capital cost of projects. During this on-demand webinar, we deliver results of a recent industry survey on bidding and estimating performance, highlight best practice methodologies and describe how to use that information to make impactful improvements.

On Demand Webinar

Improve Capital Project Planning and Performance with Model-Based Estimating featuring Harvey Welker

In today’s business environment, shaving capital costs from upstream and midstream projects is critical. With the right estimating system, EPCs and owners can reduce project risk by identifying engineering challenges at the earliest stages of a project. In this webinar, estimating consultant Harvey Welker will describe how some of the world’s leading owner operators have avoided millions of dollars in engineering mistakes and cost overruns using a model-based estimating approach.

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