Weather the Storm with These Refinery and Olefins Planning Best Practices

This blog is the second blog in the PSC Best Practices Blog Series. Patrick explains how advanced planning technology and best practices can help 'weather the storm' of the volatile energy industry.

Micro Case Study

Micro Case Study: Borealis

A snapshot of the full Asian Refiner case study by providing the problem, approach, solution and benefit at a high level.

Micro Case Study

Micro Case Study: Petronas

A snapshot of the full Petronas case study by providing the problem, approach, solution and benefit at a high level.


Why Model Accuracy is Important

Why is having an accurate planning model important? It demonstrates visually how a 1% error can cost millions.

White Paper

Five Keys to a Successful APC Program

The success of an APC program is measured in many ways, but the overall success is integral to achieving operational excellence. For example, an APC program should safely capture benefits during testing, capture all the potential benefits with aggressive full scope controllers, and create an APC culture and organization. Download this white paper to learn more about these concepts, as well as several others, which are key to a successful APC program.

On Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: What’s New in aspenONE® V11 APC

With the introduction of centralized performance monitoring in aspenONE APC V11, organizations can improve operating margins across the enterprise by providing greater visibility into APC benefits and performance. New non-linear capabilities in Aspen DMC3™ enable you to extend controller features and functionality to non-linear processes.

White Paper

Improving Profitability Through APC Benchmarking

Are you wondering how your site stacks up against those of your peers? Do you know what your Advanced Process Control (APC) Score is? Gain key insights into your APC program and find out how best to measure it against others by reading this white paper. Determining where you stand compared to your competitors is a key step toward closing your APC GAPs and improving your site’s profitability. Download this white paper and learn how you can also participate in a benchmarking survey and be a part of an exciting study!

On Demand Webinar

TOTAL Mitigates Corrosion while Maximizing Benefits with Advanced Process Control

In this webinar, Sebastien Osta, APC Specialist at TOTAL, explains how TOTAL used AspenTech’s APC solution to control corrosion mechanism in real time using Aspen IQ and advanced process control, increase process equipment run-length, and bring benefits of $2M -$9M USD per year by reducing overhead CDU temperature.


Now Available with aspenONE V11 - Unified Production Optimization

AspenTech’s Unified Production Optimization solution provides quantifiable benefits for companies who are on their digitalization journey to improve margins, increase productivity and adapt faster to changing marketing demands.

On Demand Webinar

Drive Organization and Control Improvements with Aspen Watch and Aspen IQ Performance KPIs

Advanced Process Control (APC) key performance indicators (KPIs) provide drive and feedback to continuously improve operations. Join APC expert, Ray Coker, to see how he uses Aspen Watch and Aspen IQ Performance KPIs at Marathon Petroleum Corporation to drive significant organization and control improvements.

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