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Top Flare Tips: Best Practices for Aspen Flare System Analyzer™

Designing and validating the hydraulics of a flare system for the safe process of multiple systems can be challenging. This webinar highlights flare best practices and new features in the latest version of Aspen Flare System Analyzer.

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Optimize Pipeline Flow and Uptime with Pipe Flow Hydraulic Analysis in Aspen HYSYS®

Aspen HYSYS Hydraulics for pipeline network modeling allows engineers to analyze flow assurance risks and integrate analysis with process models to optimize from the wellhead through the process facility. This technical webinar will be focused on introducing new users to pipe flow hydraulic analysis. Learn how you can gain pipeline hydraulic insights with an intuitive setup that is powerful, advanced and integrated.


Heat Exchanger Design - Application Overview

Robust heat exchangers designed and delivered on time and on budget are vital for the success of engineering projects. AspenTech offers an integrated design workflow that supports every major type of heat exchanger. The seamless integration between its solutions for process design and the thermal and mechanical design of heat exchangers reduces design time. Learn more.

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Validation of BLOWDOWN Technology in Aspen HYSYS

See how the results of BLOWDOWN Technology in Aspen HYSYS compare with published results.


Introducing Aspen Operator Training for Sooner and Continued OTS Benefits

With the new Aspen Operating Training, take advantage of the complete dynamic model lifecycle to deploy DCS agnostic, maintainable operator training sooner. Built with the Operator Training Simulator (OTS) Software from Inprocess Technology and Consulting Group, Aspen Operator Training combines OTS expertise with the trusted accuracy of Aspen HYSYS Dynamics for a solution that is seamless, easy-to-modify and rigorous. Train staff with confidence to speed up planned startup and shutdown, increase production and prevent safety incidents.

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Acid Gas Cleaning using DEPG Physical Solvents: Validation with Experimental and Plant Data

Learn about the underlying technology and validation results for the Acid Gas - Physical Solvents Property Package in Aspen HYSYS used for physical solvents in gas-liquid systems, specifically DEPG.

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Dive Into BLOWDOWN Technology in Aspen HYSYS

BLOWDOWN Technology, developed by Dr. Graham Saville and Professor Stephen Richardson of Imperial College London, is now available in Aspen HYSYS, creating the optimal tool for completing depressurization projects. Join technical experts from AspenTech and BLOWDOWN Technology consultants to discover how this technology can ensure the accurate design of depressurization systems that’s vital for safe operations.


Aspen Operator Training ISP List

Please refer to this list of our partners for the implementation of your next operator training simulation (OTS) project using Aspen Operator Training. Each of these organizations has a trusted track record of successful OTS implementations and can provide the expertise to get your OTS off the ground.

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Solving Three Common Problems Through SRU Simulation

Small operational issues in the sulphur recovery unit (SRU) can lead to higher emisisons — or worse, a frustrating and costly shutdown. Simulation of the SRU can enable more reliable operations and fewer shutdowns through the prevention of issues and quick and effective troubleshooting. In this paper, we present three common operational issues and show how simulation was used to prevent or quickly resolve the situation.

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Confidently Process Sour Feeds Using New Integrated Models in Aspen HYSYS V9

Amine units and SRUs often restrict the sulfur content that can be safely processed in a gas plant or refineries. Learn how using a full Aspen HYSYS model can allow you to make more informed decisions, considering process requirements and operating costs, around feeds and operating conditions.

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