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6 Keys to Operational Excellence in the Process Industries

Bring together the power of data to operate your plant more efficiently, with advanced visualization software that helps production, quality and process engineers remedy and avoid events that limit production profitability. Learn how data visualization & analytics improves operating efficiency.


What’s New in aspenONE APC V10?

See how APC family has been improved to power your success, including Variable Dynamics and Deadtime Scaling, CV Optimization in Smart and enhancements to Aspen DMC3 Builder.

Case Study

Eni Develops New APC Application and Achieves Significant Benefits - All Within 6 Weeks

Find out how global energy company Eni uses AspenTech’s innovative Adaptive Process Control to pilot new applications, optimize performance, and reduce maintenance time and effort.


Aspen Multi-Blend Optimizer (MBO) Brochure

Aspen Refinery Multi-Blend Optimizer is a multi-blend optimization tool that can be used for seamless scheduling and optimizaiton of product blending.

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Restore Smooth and Optimum Column Performance using Aspen Plus®

Learn how leaders in the chemical processing industries increase distillation column efficiency, reduce energy and solve problems faster with interactive hydraulic visualization of distillation.

On Demand Webinar

Optimize Plant Utility Costs with Aspen Utilities Planner

During this free webinar, learn how Aspen Utilities Planner and Aspen Utilities OnLine Optimizer help process and plant engineers manage and optimize energy cost using accurate modeling and optimization of utilities systems.

On Demand Webinar

Non-Linear Modelling with PIMS-AO

Non-linear modelling is a key capability of PIMS-AO, enabling users to develop more accurate models in critical areas such as reactors and complex plant constraints. This feature is being used by a number of petrochemical companies and there are benefits for refining and aromatics. This webinar will showcase how this technology can be leveraged, including concrete examples for refining, aromatics and olefins companies.

White Paper

Streamlining Projects with a Modular Approach

This article published in Business Standard [India], by Sunil Patel and Ron Beck, describes how E&Cs can gain a competitive advantage, achieving lower design costs (CAPEX) for clients through modular design; and using aspenONE engineering for design templates.


LNG: It Takes a Village

A diverse group of LNG professionals gathered recently to explore the ways they can leverage new digital technology to improve their asset-heavy businesses.


Aspen Batch Process Developer

Aspen Batch Process Developer™ is a recipe-based modeling technology for batch process scale-up, and is used for developing batch process models from early route selection to full-scale manufacturing.

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