Chemicals Digitalization Around the World

Though the key business challenges for chemicals companies are similar across all regions, the speed, tactics and success rates for digitalization vary.

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Webinar: Maximize Product Quality and Yield for Your Batch Processes

How do you navigate the complexity of your batch processes? You need a sophisticated multivariate analytics tool that can reliably extract actionable insights from your process and laboratory data. In this webinar, we will provide an overview of our Aspen ProMV™ software suite, which provides leading-edge, patent pending batch data analytics to continually drive your process to optimal performance for quality, yield and throughput, while ensuring process safety.


Ensuring Customer Success

Learn about AspenTech's 3 keys to a successful customer relationship: trust, effective communication and customer focus. We're shaping the strategies for our solutions around the value we deliver and the problems that we help our customers solve.


Let’s Talk Shorter Turnarounds and Lower Repair Costs at Downstream 2019

At the Downstream 2019 Exhibition and Conference, we’ll discuss how to turn unplanned downtime into planned downtime, reducing costs and production losses.

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On-Demand Webinar: How Changes in the Claus SRU Impact Tail Gas Treating

Sulfur Recovery Units are often just one part of a process engineer’s responsibility, so when trouble arises in the SRU, it is helpful to turn to the experts. In this webinar, Sulphur Experts’ Ben Walton will join us to talk about how changes in the Claus reactors can impact, or not impact, the downstream Tail Gas Treating Unit, and how the overall recovery can be maintained.

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Stick Build or Modular Construction - Which is Better?

Estimators can compare both construction methods, analyze cost and schedule tradeoffs and support an early optimal execution decision. Start your 1-day online trial today to take a guided tour of creating a modular area, defining construction and engineering workforces, configuring the project scope and running an economic evaluation comparison with Aspen Capital Cost Estimator.

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Relocate and Resize your Project using Aspen Capital Cost Estimator's Decision Analyzer

Scope changes in early feasibility studies cause cost estimators to struggle updating the estimate. Aspentech's Decision Analyzer functionality in Aspen Capital Cost Estimator simplifies this workflow with just a few clicks. Start your 1-day online trial today and take a guided tour to evaluate the economic impact of rescaling plant capacity and modifying the engineering or construction location.

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Analyze the Impact of Cost and Technical Changes on Your Estimate

Changes are a part of the life of an estimator. Aspen Capital Cost Estimator helps you make those changes quickly, so you can analyze and address the updated costs and man-hours. Start your 1-day online trial today to take a guided tour to add spare equipment, include a quoted cost and change the material of construction for the equipment.

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Learn How to Develop a High-Fidelity Digital Twin of Your Hydrocracker Unit

Right when most refineries are preparing to meet the new IMO regulations on sulfur emissions, AspenTech launched the molecule-based hydrocracker simulation model in Aspen HYSYS V11. This model computes reaction kinetics at the molecular level, significantly enhancing prediction accuracy. View this webinar and learn from our experts how you can use this hydrocracker reactor model to gain enhanced accuracy in predicting product yields and properties, insights into product properties such as amount of sulfur species and much more! Discover how you can leverage this latest technological innovation to make better operational decisions.

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