Case Study

Marathon Petroleum Corporation Upgrades Refineries to Full Refinery Scheduling with Aspen Petroleum Scheduler™

Discover how Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) used Aspen Petroleum Scheduler (APS) to develop a single cradle-to-grave barrel tracking system. Once MPC started using APS, they could provide operations with better targets on unit rates and reduce the number of operational changes that were made by 70%. This allowed the process units to spend more time on a stable operation.

Case Study

Compañía Española de Petróleos (CEPSA) Streamlines Scheduling Workflows With Integrated Refinery Scheduling and Blending

CEPSA was looking to improve their scheduling workflows and business processes at their La Rábida and Gibraltar-San Roque refineries. This case study details CEPSA's campaign to reach an integrated refinery scheduling and blending solution. Download the case study to discover CEPSA's journey and the benefits they uncovered.

Case Study

Global Supermajor Deploys Aspen PIMS-AO™ Globally

This case study details the methodical approach a global supermajor took to make the move and adopt Aspen PIMS-AO technology. Based on side-by-side testing of different technologies, PIMS-AO led to new insights, increased confidence in results and enhanced conversations with traders. Download this case study today to learn the lessons of a global supermajor from a senior technology advisor.

Micro Case Study

Micro Case Study: Petronas

A snapshot of the full Petronas case study by providing the problem, approach, solution and benefit at a high level.

Case Study

PETRONAS Refinery Unlocks $8.5 Million USD Per Year in Profit with Scheduling Automation Solution

See how Aspen Petroleum Scheduler and Aspen Refinery Multi-Blend Optimizer™ work together to help solve a refinery scheduling problem to realize a $0.10/bbl USD improvement in crude processed.

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