New Assay Management Functionality in Aspen PIMS™ Software Optimizes Crude Purchasing Decisions and Increases Profitability

August 27, 2012

Enhancements to World’s Leading Refinery Planning Application Streamline Workflow for Feedstock Selection
Burlington, MA -

Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN), a leading provider of software and services to the process industries, announced new assay management functionality in Aspen PIMS software software that optimizes crude purchasing decisions and increases profitability.  The assay management enhancements to the world’s leading refinery planning application streamline workflow for feedstock selection.

Traditionally, refinery planners maintain their own assay libraries and use disparate technologies, which leads to inaccurate and inefficient planning.  The new functionality from AspenTech now allows planners to add, modify, and recut assays directly in Aspen PIMS, enabling them to quickly evaluate more scenarios with greater accuracy.

Aspen PIMS’ assay management capabilities allow users to import assay data from external sources and more efficiently manage their crude feedstocks.  Guided, automated workflows increase productivity, while alerts notify planners for the next step in the process to shorten their learning curve.

Aspen PIMS is part of the aspenONE® Petroleum Supply Chain software suite.  The latest update to Aspen PIMS is available immediately.Aspen PIMS is part of the aspenONE® Petroleum Supply Chain software suite.  The latest update to Aspen PIMS is available immediately.

Supporting Quotes

Paul Gallagher, Refinery Planning Manager, Samsung Engineering

“I think AspenTech is going in the right direction with the introduction of Assay Management within Aspen PIMS.  This will streamline the analysis of huge amounts of data to generate a better operating plan. Two elements of this technology are especially pleasing.  I like that the output will preserve the Excel formulas contained in an existing assay table and also that the output will also preserve any additional structures that have been added to the table.”

Manolis Kotzabasakis, Executive Vice President, Products, AspenTech

“The world’s leading refinery planning software just got stronger with Aspen PIMS’ enhanced assay management functionality.  To combat tremendous cost pressures and tight margins, refiners are optimizing their planning performance to drive operational excellence.  PIMS assay management streamlines feedstock planning processes and delivers better insights in crude selection.  As a result, our customers can achieve greater predictability in their refining capacity to improve profitability.”

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