aspenONE® Engineering Software Enhancements Make it Easier to Model, Track, and Reduce CO2 Emissions

August 27, 2012

Market-Leading Aspen Plus® Process Simulator Transforms Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Challenge to an Opportunity
Burlington, MA -

Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN), a leading provider of software and services to the process industries, announced enhancements to aspenONE Engineering software that make it easier to model, track, and reduce CO2 emissions.  The market-leading Aspen Plus process simulator - part of the aspenONE Engineering software suite - helps process manufacturers transform greenhouse gas emissions from a challenge to an opportunity. 

Process manufacturers face increasing regulatory requirements, emissions penalties and rising operating costs.  Using Aspen Plus software, AspenTech customers can turn these challenges into business advantage through reduced energy and emissions costs and by enabling the creation of alternative fuel sources from the emissions.

For example, process manufacturers can use Aspen Plus to create better carbon capture and biofuel process models powered by the most comprehensive physical property database.  Improved amine solvent models enable users to make closer process predictions.  With the new Aspen Plus models, customers can improve their designs and optimize them for energy use and carbon loading.

In addition, the latest enhancements help process manufacturers easily achieve regulatory compliance by simplifying the tracking and calculation of their CO2 emissions from all sources.  While calculating emissions loads, process engineers can optimize their designs to select utility sources and energy use strategies that reduce carbon footprints.

The enhancements also make Aspen Plus the product of choice for reducing emissions through advanced carbon capture processes and conversion to biomass and biofuels synthesis.  As the most widely used product for modeling these processes, Aspen Plus can transform CO2 from a pollutant into a biofuels feedstock.

The latest update to the aspenONE Engineering software is available immediately.

Supporting Quotes  

Dr. Eric Dunlop, President, Pan Pacific Technologies  

"The flexible modeling capabilities afforded by Aspen Plus allow us to take an innovative approach to simulating our carbon conversion bioprocess.  We were able to look at a variety of design scenarios and investigate scale-up and project constraints.  This helps us determine the physical and economic viability of alternative systems."

Josh Stanislowski, Research Manager, Energy & Environmental Research Center  

"Aspen Plus has been instrumental in modeling and evaluating our CO2 capture process, which facilitates our ability to successfully predict conditions for increased capture in our pilot plant and to size and cost a conceptual full-scale facility. By improving the accuracy of modeling carbon capture, we can help industry in the selection of processes and solvents that significantly reduce emissions and create value for captured CO2 for our consortium members."

Manolis Kotzabasakis, Executive Vice President, Products, AspenTech  

"For years, Aspen Plus has helped our customers to turn their design and optimization challenges into opportunities.  The new Aspen Plus enhancements make it even easier for companies to optimize their energy management and emissions and increase profitability.  Our tireless commitment to product innovation helps AspenTech maintain its leadership position as customers find new and better ways to meet today's energy optimization challenges using our software."

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